IND Vs ENG: Kohli can create history by breaking Dhoni's record, but know why Virat doesn't matter

Watch Video: Kohli In The Fake Fielding Controversy, What Is In The Original ICC Rules, What Are The Exes?: Bangladesh’s Nurul Ahmed has accused Virat of ‘fake fielding’ after India lost the T20 World Cup in Australia. If due to fake fielding for India.

Ind Vs Ban Virat Kohli Fake Fielding Issue

Virat Kohli, who is known for his fitness and fielding, is in controversy over his fielding. He was accused of fake fielding. Bangladesh’s Nurul Ahmed has accused Virat of ‘fake fielding’ after India’s loss to the T20 World Cup in Australia. If India had received a penalty due to fake fielding, the match would have gone into a super over. Because there is a 5 run penalty for fake fielding. With Team India winning by the same runs.. the result would have finally changed to Super Over. However, after this allegation by the bungalow keeper Narul, the matter became a topic of discussion. Let’s take a look at what the actual controversy is and what the ICC rules say.

In the 7th over, Liton Das played the first ball toward deep backward square leg. However, Arshdeep threw the ball at the wicketkeeper’s end. Kohli caught the ball in the middle and looked to be throwing it toward the non-strike side.

As Virat does this, the umpire seen in the above photo ignores it. Then Virat was in front of the umpire. But, he did not feel it was necessary to impose a fake fielding penalty. But the new ICC rules say that the field umpires can impose penalties.

Bangladesh’s claim of fake fielding.

After the loss against India, Bangladesh player Nurul Ahmed said- ‘The on-field umpires accused Kohli of ignoring fake fielding. If that decision had gone in favor of Bangladesh, then the situation would have been different. The ground is wet. Its effect was visible to all. I thought that throw was fake. If the penalty had been imposed, the match would have been in our favor, but that did not happen he said.

Super over if there is a penalty.

If a penalty was awarded to Team India, the result of the India-Bangladesh match would have gone into the Super Over. Because there is a 5 run penalty for fake fielding. India’s margin of victory was also 5 runs, so the result would have gone to a super over.

What is fake fielding?

Fake fielding is when the fielder confuses the batsman with his gesture or action. It means that even if he does not have the ball, he looks like he is throwing the ball.

What ICC rules say on fake fielding.

ICC Law 41.5 deals with foul play. A ball that deliberately distracts, deceives, or obstructs the batsman may be termed a dead ball. Also, the batting team gets 5 runs as a penalty. If the umpire had imposed a penalty of 5 runs on India, the result of Team India would have been different.

4 April 2021 When de Kock runs out Fakhar Zaman.

South African wicketkeeper Quinton de Kock dismissed Fakhar Zaman by mis-fielding. De Kock instructed the fielder to throw the ball toward the non-striker. Seeing this, Fakhar Zaman ran and slowed down. After this, the fielder bowled a straight throw from long off. It went straight to the stumps. Pakistan team lost in this match.

Trolls on Twitter.

Indian fans came out in support after Nurul’s charge. Bangladeshi fans started trolling Kohli. Indian fans stood by Kohli in such situations. Indian fans called Bangladesh players as an excuse.

What is anyone’s reaction to this?

Bangla expert Chaudhary said – Santo diverted attention. According to the rules, a penalty of 5 runs should be imposed on India. But the umpire did nothing.

Harsha Bhogle – Don’t look for excuses for defeat..

None of us (umpire, batter or fielder) saw fake fielding. Don’t blame the defeat on fake fielding, wet ground. Had one of your batters stayed on the pitch, the result would have been different. He said, ‘When we look for excuses for defeat, we cannot grow’.


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