VS on his 99th birthday: A leader who speaks openly about anything!  The country’s oldest communist leader and founder of CPM turn 100: Former Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan is 99 years old today. VS has been resting at his son’s house in Thiruvananthapuram for three years. Achuthanandan was born on October 20, 1923, at Anizham Nakshatra in Thulat to Velikakat Sankaran and Akkamma in Punnapra Paravur.

He is one of the founding leaders of CPM. The post of Chairman of the Administrative Reforms Commission in the first Pinarayi government was vacated due to health problems. It is expected that prominent people will come to wish the senior leader, who is entering the age of 100, his birthday.

to live Aspinwall Even while sewing military tents in the company, the poor workers’ lives were in that mind. Thus, he joined the Communist Party at the age of 17. His 82-year political career, which began at the height of the freedom struggle, has had ups and downs. Still an invitee in the state committee.

Three times Leader of the Opposition. Three times party secretary. Once the Chief Minister of Kerala. Beyond that, the guardian of the political vigilance of Kerala’s soil and mind. Guardian of the environment. A warrior who climbed the forest and mountains to prevent encroachments. A brave warrior in the intra-party war. Even as the chief minister, he was the leader of the opposition mind.

VS was Kerala’s most energetic leader until he suffered a stroke four years ago in October like this and slipped into retirement. His was a purposeful politics with the times. and orderly life.

At Bartonhill in Thiruvananthapuram his son V.A. He is currently in Arunkumar’s ‘Velikkakat’ house. A 99th birthday is no occasion for a grand celebration. Children and grandchildren will gather. No visitors. But there is a celebration outside.

VS, which has been the target of reactions both internally and externally, has at times been similarly silent. VS never took place outside, as many thought or predicted. Lavlin was dismissed from the Politburo at the height of the struggle. When TP Chandrasekaran was killed, he could not be stopped from going to comfort KK Rama. At the end of all these charges, on the eve of flag-off for the state convention in Alappuzha, the state secretariat exposed that Achuthanandan, one of the founding leaders of the party, had an ‘anti-party mentality’.

VS was never ready to leave the CPM. Because Achuthanandan, who was one of the 32 leaders who resigned from the CPI National Council in 1964, thought that this was a party he had also created. Secondly, VS had a firm belief that the party could not touch him in any way.

He was sacked from the Politburo on 26 May 2007 after issuing a public statement about his differences with Pinarayi Vijayan. It was only a temporary measure. He is still the Chief Minister. On July 12, 2009, he was dismissed from the Politburo and demoted to the Central Committee, again citing indiscipline.


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