VS Achuthanandan: Governor Wishes VS On His Birthday

VS Achuthanandan: Governor Wishes VS On His Birthday: Governor Shri Arif Muhammad Khan wished the former Chief Minister Shri VS Achuthanandan on his 100th birthday. VS’s son Arun Kumar was called on the phone and conveyed his greetings. ‘I, along with the people of Kerala, wish health and happiness to VS as it enters its 100th year’: the Governor said in a congratulatory tweet.

Today is the 99th birthday of Samarayuvvanam

Kerala is synonymous with struggle, struggle, and revolutionary spirit. Comrade VS. 99 birthday from my friend.

A two-letter synonym for struggle, struggle, revolution… Chentarakam wrote a picture of the word communist with his own life. Experiences sharper than spears, and political sense more accurate than bullets. VS is the two letters that include everything. Born on 20th October 1923 to Sankaran and Akkamma at Velikakkat house in Alappuzha North Punnapra. His mother, who left him at the age of 4, and his father, who left him alone at the age of 11, worked under the shadow of his brother in a tailor shop and later in a car factory. There begins the political career of a communist named VS.

VS blossomed again and again under the strength of Inculab’s calls during the days when fire rained down on the streets of battle. Punnapra Vayalar’s red face..VS rose from the bush left by Sir CP’s police who thought he had died, with the mandate to spread revolutionary spirit to generations. He became a member of the Communist Party in 1940. A relentless struggle against natives and landlords became VS’s life. In 1964, he left the CPI National Council and joined the formation of CPI-M, the only surviving comrade.
5 years in prison and 4 and a half years in Olive.

VS contested 9 elections and won 6. 3 times as opposition leader of Kerala, Chief Minister of Kerala in 2006. Member of CPI(M) Polit Bureau from 1985 to 2009.

Extending, spreading, and repeating three times when VS preached, Kerala was able to hear more than what was said. Happy birthday to my dear comrade on turning 99.


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