Protesters and police clashed on Monday in protest against the military coup in Myanmar last week. During this time, the police showered water on the people performing peacefully in Peeta. On Sunday, police opened fire in the air to disperse the crowd at Mayavaddi, located on the eastern border of Myanmar, adjoining Thailand. No injuries have been reported, but an independent association, the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, reported that a woman was shot. No more information was provided by the organization.

The deadlock between the protesters and the army does not seem to be diminishing as to who has the right to legally run the government of the country. Demonstrations are taking place across the country demanding the release of detained leader Aung San Suu Kyi and reinstatement of the government. More people are becoming aware after the internet ban was lifted on Sunday.

Government media is not giving importance to the protests but pictures and videos of the protests are being put on social media. Kachin State in the north, Mon State in the southeast, Tachilek, the border town of the eastern state of Shan, have received reports of new incidents of protests in Pei Ta and Mandalay on Monday.

In Yangon in the morning, protesters shouted slogans, saluted with three fingers and protested, showing placards chanting “Boycott of military coup” and “Justice for Myanmar”. Some broke away from the main protestors by forming groups and turned to the Sule Pagoda, which had been a major venue for rallying against the erstwhile junta rulers.


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