Vizhinjam Project Is Essential For Kerala: Eminent People In The Field Of Art, Culture, And Industry With A Joint Statement: A joint statement by prominent people in the social, cultural, literary, and industrial sectors has pointed out that the Vizhinjam project essential. Satchidanandan, M.K. Sanu, M. Mukundan, Kamal, and Shaji N. Starting with Karun, around 80 prominent people have signed the statement of Thiruvananthapuram Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

According to the statement of the Thiruvananthapuram Chamber of Commerce and Industry, comprehensive infrastructural development is essential for the economic growth of Kerala, the creation of more employment opportunities, and the development in social sectors.

The statement pointed out that it is against the interest of the state to say that the Vizhinjam port project should be stopped when the government is taking a sympathetic approach.

Protests and violent protests against the project are illogical and condemnable. The statement also says that those who uphold the interest of Kerala will never be able to accept this.

The statement demanded that the concerns and problems of the fishermen who are coastal residents should be resolved and the promises made by the government to the fishermen should be implemented with urgent importance to implement the project.

It is completely against the interest of the state to say that infrastructure development projects like the Vizhinjam port project, which is 80 percent completed, should be stopped. In 2015, the then government signed the agreement for the Vizhinjam project after many years of studies and discussions.

The natural harbor located near the international shipping lane opens up the possibility of developing it into an international deep-sea multinational port. It is illogical and condemnable to have protests and violent struggles against the project during the completion of the mega project which opens the door to development possibilities for Kerala and the people of Kerala.

Everyone should cooperate to avoid politicizing the issue. Concerns and problems of coastal dweller fishermen should be addressed. To implement the project, the promises made by the government to the fishermen should be implemented with urgent importance.

It is our moral responsibility to ensure their welfare. The Vizhinjam port project, which is more than three-quarters complete, should become a reality. There should be public support to complete this project soon,” the joint statement demanded.

Satchidanandan, N.S. Madhavan, M. Mukundan, KEN, Sethu, Vaisakhan Prof. M.K. Sanu, Asokan Cheruvil, Chris Gopalakrishnan, M. Jayachandran, Surya Krishnamurthy, C. Gauridasan Nair, K.M. Chandrasekhar, T.K. Nair, Paul Anthony, GG Thompson, T.P. Srinivasan, G. Vijayaraghavan, Sasikumar, G. Shankar, V.N. Murali, Ashokan Cheruvil, Kamal, Ranjith, and Shaji N. Karun, G.P. Ramachandran, N. Madhavan Kutty, V.K. Joseph, and others signed the statement.


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