Vishwasundari Manushi disclosed, likes, shares and comments of the virtual world are poisoned in such a dissolving life

On Youth Day, the world beauty Manushi Chillar has appealed to them to be alert to the worsening direction and condition of digital. Manushi says that the youth should stay away from the illusion of likes, shares and comments as it is a virtual world and has nothing to do with its reality.

Says Manushi, “The youth of our country are riding the wave of technology and while it has benefits on a large scale, there are disadvantages as well. We are working in an environment of severe online poisoning and hate. Despite this, the youth should feel free, make their own identity, make mistakes and also learn from those mistakes. To face this negativity of the digital world, we must be strong and develop the power to understand what is right and what is wrong. ”

Manushi, who is ready to make Akshay Kumar’s debut in the film ‘Prithviraj’, also says that likes, shares and comments in the virtual world are definitely increasing the pressure on the youth. But, the youth should always be aware that this is not really all. Even if we like it in terms of number or quantity, it is not real. What matters is who we are, what our basic values ​​are, how we treat others and how responsible we are towards our family, friends, the environment and the country.

Manushi, 23, feels that living with the corona virus epidemic is definitely setting new priorities for her as well as other youngsters. Youth and children are also growing up in an environment where today they are living in the midst of an epidemic and the future we have imagined will be affected by it. She says, “I hope this will not disrupt the search and expression of the youth.” The youth should not be ashamed to make new discoveries and lead life fearlessly because, we are about to discover our future. ”

In this era of technology, youth are maturing fast and Manushi welcomes this argument. Manushi says, “All innovations and all difficult situations will definitely have an impact. I hope this is only a part of the development process of the youth and does not dissuade them from gaining experience. Youth should live without fear, remain independent and always feel that they can chase the sun. On International Youth Day, I want the youth of our country not to succumb to these external pressures and keep dreaming. These thoughts will shape the future of this world. “


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