Vishva Bharati University Convocation 2021: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday termed the new national education policy as “a major milestone in the creation of a self-reliant India” and said that it would break the old shackles and give students complete freedom to show their strength. She gives. Addressing the convocation ceremony of Visva-Bharati University through video conference, the Prime Minister said that the arrangements that Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore had developed at this university were a means to free and modernize the education system from the shackles of subordination.

Modi said, “The new national education policy that has been made in India today, apart from breaking the old shackles, gives the students complete freedom to show their strength. This education policy gives you the freedom to read different subjects. This education policy gives you the option to study in your language. He said that the new education policy encourages entrepreneurship and self-employment as well as research and innovation. He said, “This education policy is also an important step in building a self-reliant India.”

The Prime Minister said, “India’s self-reliance is not possible without the confidence of the daughters of the country.” For the first time in the new National Education Policy, ‘Gender Inclusion Fund’ has also been arranged. On this occasion, the Prime Minister, while referring to the historical and inspiring heritage of Vishwa Bharati University, called upon the students here to provide a global market for the products of farmers and artisans of the villages adopted by the University.

He said, “I urge the students and teachers of this inspirational university to provide a global market for the products of farmers and artisans of the villages adopted by this institution.” This will be ‘a step towards building a self-reliant India’. He said that for Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, Visva-Bharati was not just a knowledge imparting institution but also a medium to reach the topmost goal of Indian culture.

Addressing the Visva-Bharati. Watch.

– Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) February 19, 2021
He said that West Bengal in the past gave leadership to the country in advancing the rich knowledge and science of India and now Visva Bharati should lead the educational institutions of the country to make India realize the sense of world welfare. . Addressing the convocation ceremony of Visva Bharati, one of the oldest central universities in the country, he said that this renowned university is itself an unending sea of ​​knowledge, the foundation of which was laid for experience-based education.

The Prime Minister said that there is no limit to knowledge and creativity and A must always remember that knowledge, ideas and skills are not static, but A is an ongoing process. He said, “There will always be room for improvement.” But knowledge and power come with responsibility. The Prime Minister said that knowledge is not just a matter of the individual but the heritage of society and the country and as such, one has to remain restrained and sensitive while in power, similarly every scholar also has to be responsible. In an attempt to shock the students, he said that his knowledge and skills can make a society and country proud, it can also push the society into the darkness of slander and ruin.

Referring to such examples in history and present, he said, “You see, among those who are spreading terror in the world, who are spreading violence in the world, there are many people with higher education and skills. On the other hand, there are people who are working in labs all day to liberate the world from the global epidemic like Corona. He said that if the intention is clear and loyalty is towards Maa Bharati, then every decision will move towards some solution.

He said, “Success and failure do not determine our present and future. You may not get the results you thought after a decision, but you should not be afraid to take a decision. The Governor of West Bengal and Visha Bharati’s Chancellor (Rector) Jagdeep Dhankar, Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank and Union Minister of State for Education Sanjay Dhotre were also present on the occasion.

Visva-Bharati was founded in 1921 by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. It is one of the oldest central universities in the country. In May 1951, through an Act of Parliament, Visva-Bharati was declared a Central University and ‘Institute of National Importance’. The Prime Minister is also the Chancellor of this university.


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