If you are fond of playing video games, then this skill of your corona can be helpful in saving the lives of patients. Researchers at Howard University developed a special kind of video game. In this, the players will be given some corona vaccine, using which they will have to save people from the epidemic spread in more than 99 countries. 

What benefits

players during According to researchers, this virtual game strategy adopt, scientists will be reviewed. If the technology adopted by them looks effective, then this technique can be applied at the time of vaccination worldwide. Researchers said that this would allow them to know more and more ways to deal with the epidemic in the least effective way. 

Learning from the influenza pandemic 

The idea of ​​developing this virtual game came to Professor Hall Drakesmith and his team in 2019 when they were working on influenza vaccination in mothers and babies. He explains that when Kovid spread only after a few months, he decided that this technology should also be used to build the network of this vaccine. 

Professor Drakesmith will be able to strategize on vaccine distribution,  says that after the first vaccine of Corona is introduced, it will take a long time for its dose to be available to the whole world population. In such a situation, we will need a special strategy for early stage vaccination so that the vaccine is available at the right time to the most needy person. Through this game, it will be possible to find out how the limited available vaccines can work on a global scale.   


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