Virginia Fonseca, influencer, is facing problems in her second pregnancy. After being hospitalized with severe headaches, this Tuesday (17), the influencer’s medical report came out, who is still hospitalized Vila Nova Starin Sao Paulo.

According to the medical bulletin, the influencer has refractory headachei.e, migraine and will remain hospitalized.



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“São Paulo, May 17, 2022 – Vila Nova Star Hospital informs that Virgínia Pimenta da Fonseca Serrano has been hospitalized since May 15, 2022 due to a headache refractory to conventional analgesia. The patient is in the room, stable and conscious, receiving intravenous medications for pain control. The daily obstetric evaluation demonstrates that the pregnancy is proceeding normally, without complications, and the fetus is in good vitality”says the released note.

According to the neurosurgeon and neurologist at Albert Einstein Hospital, Wanderley Cerqueirain an interview with IstoÉ, revealed the risk of headaches at a delicate moment in pregnancy.

“Migraine headache by itself is potentially serious for the pregnant woman or fetus if the patient has an acute and severe neurological disorder, such as clots in the brain, vasculitis (inflammation of the vessels in the brain), increased pressure within the skull consequent to thrombosis of veins, stroke with obstruction of arteries or even intracranial hemorrhages. An intracranial hemorrhage can result from high blood pressure in preeclampsia, eclampsia, uncontrolled blood pressure or even blood clotting disorders.”he explained.

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