Virbhadra Singh announces his retirement from electoral politics, he also lashes out at the Congress

Solan: Former Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh has announced to retire from electoral politics. He has said that he will not contest the next election. Along with this, he has also given some advice to the Congress. At the same time, Virbhadra Singh has also lashed out at those who committed internal attacks.

Former Chief Minister and veteran Congress leader Virbhadra Singh has advised the Congress with suggestions. Virbhadra Singh has said to show the way out to those who weaken the Congress and the traitors. Virbhadra Singh has said that he will not contest the next election but he has been a true soldier of the Congress. Therefore, we want to see the Congress as a strong party.

Don’t tolerate betrayal

Virbhadra Singh said that the party should not tolerate betrayal. Traitors are hollowing out the party while in the party. The traitors are requested not to do the work of stabbing the back of Congress while in Congress and go out of the party. Such people have no place in Congress.

With this, Virbhadra Singh said, ‘Those people become Congressmen and through their people they only defeat Congress. Do not keep such people in the party. I will not contest elections but I was a Congressman and will remain a Congress till death.


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