Virat Kohli told which song plays the most in the changing room, see video

The players of Team India remain as stressed during the match, as much in the dressing room. In the dressing room, the players listen fiercely to the song of their choice. Team India captain Virat Kohli has revealed this in an interview.

Virat has said that the atmosphere in the changing room of the team is always good. He also told in this interview that which language songs are played the most in the changing room.

Actually, during the interview, Virat says, “Most Punjabi songs are played in the changing room.” Ishant Sharma had grown his hair, so we started calling him Sukhbir Paji. Ipod does not bring much people, only Hardik Pandya has it. It has English songs. He does not have five words of a single song. My ipod is full of punjabi songs. They sound the same. The atmosphere should be kept a little lively.

Please tell that during this interview, Kohli also told the meaning of the word Patola. In fact, when Gaurav Kapoor asked him if he knew the meaning of the word Patola, then Virat quickly responded. Gaurav Kapoor asks- What is the meaning of Patola. Kohli replies that Patola is a beautiful woman from Punjab. Who has worn a suit


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