The Video Of Virat Kohli's 'Bhajan' Is Rocking The Internet, Did You See It

Virat Kohli Played For Mohun Bagan In P Sen Trophy And Scored Century: Harris Rauf’s two blistering sixes on the big ground in Melbourne are still fresh in everyone’s memory. Those two sixes sent a chill down the spine of the Pak cricketers.

Kohli hit two such ‘huge’ sixes in Eden too. He was not the Virat Kohli of today. There was no stardom today. He would not be mobbed if he went out on the street.

At such a time, the two sixes hit by Nandankanan of cricket have reached the level of folklore today. As soon as they close their eyes, the memories of June 24, 2009 flash in front of the eyes of the eyewitnesses.

This city knows its first everything. The city still cannot forget Virat Kohli’s incredible 121-ball 184-run innings in the Mohun Bagan jersey in the P Sen Trophy final. At that time, the coach of the Mohun Bagan cricket team, Abdul Monayem, reminisced and told Sangam Pratid Digital, “It was very hot that day. Was sweating profusely. Cramps were occurring. He was batting at 89 runs. wanted to come up But I told him to stay at the crease as he called for a century. After that, Virat reached his century by hitting two sixes. He came out of the field after scoring a century. Resting in the dressing room. Was taking an ice bath. Later, when I went to the dressing room and told Kohli to come down, he went down without saying a word. This incident is proof that Virat loves to bat. Virat destroyed the Town Club bowlers in the second innings. The remaining eighty runs were scored in fours and sixes. I have never seen such a great inning.”

Kohli is floating in birthday wishes today. Fans want more runs from him. Greeting the old ‘student’, Coach Abdul Monaem says, “Happy Birthday Virat.” Bring the World Cup home.”

Mohun Bagan beat Town by 97 runs in the P Sen Trophy final thanks to Kohli’s ‘big’ century. The then club owner Srinjay Bose said, “Nobody could have imagined that Virat would reach this place at that time. Sebar Kohli, Manish Pandey and Lakshmipati Balaji came to Mohun Bagan. Virat played a brilliant inning in the scorching heat. But the most remarkable thing is that he did not forget the innings he played for Mohun Bagan. Kohli was talking about that innings in the P Sen Trophy when he came to the book release a couple of years ago. He still remembers every moment.”


The character of the player is captured through small incidents. His responsibility and love for the game can be understood. Samrat Bhowmick, former cricket secretary of Mohun Bagan, said, “Kohli was suffering a lot in the heat in P Sen’s final. He came back to bat after a temporary rest. This shows how deep his love for the game is. I was the local manager of the Indian team during the India-Bangladesh Pink Ball Test. Then met Kohli again. I had forgotten how many runs Kohli scored in the final. Virat said, he scored one hundred and eighty runs. Samratbabu also said, “He remembers the innings he played for a club 10-12 years ago.” That is the mark of a great one.”

But this hint was met from childhood. Little Kohli used to play cricket in the small streets of Delhi. He was not afraid to play with the elders of the neighborhood. Shot hard. It is not known how many windows of houses were broken by the impact of the ball. Older boys would run away for fear of being scolded. But the little boy loved cricket so much that he could not leave the stumps, leave the bat and run away. He is not a runaway boy. He was caught by the neighbors. Grunting. However, cricket did not leave the bat. That is the comfort of his life.

Virat’s bat has been talking since the first match of this year’s T20 World Cup. Kohli is now walking on clouds. Got back to the previous rhythm. And so the country’s dream of winning the world is getting stronger. In the midst of that dream, the memory of the golden innings played at Mohun Bagan came back even on Mr. India’s birthday.


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