Virat Kohli made history again, becoming the first batsman to score 3000 runs in T20 International

Virat Kohli Birthday Special: How Do You ‘Run’ O Guni: Let’s bring the big World Cup to the new stage of a comeback. What more do you want as a fan? Happy Birthday King Kohli.

A lot of burning to be a journalist! Never be biased. Not a fan at all. In that case, you can’t write with your mind open. The one you see, the way you see it, should be presented in the same way. The biggest condition is, if you are a journalist, you must be impartial! But the principles, rules, regulations, or ideals – whatever is said, the journalist’s heart is stuck in it. Is it possible to consciously avoid bright moments? Does the finger never stop moving on the keypad to watch a Test save innings? Thoughts do not become disordered? A rush of emotions like a breath of fresh air does not feel professional. Give it! gave! Give it! Putting pen, notebook, laptop, and even the profession aside, journalists are pure devotees. Just a dedicated fan.

Sunny’s rise in the Caribbean, Kapil’s World Cup, Sachin’s Sharjah blast, Azhar’s wrist twist, Dravidian civilization, Sourav’s spin at Lord’s…! A few moments of a panic attack. Is there a big difference between the journalist sitting in front of the TV set and the audience with flag posters in the gallery? No, journalists are just fans. Sometimes he is happy. Sometimes burst into exuberance. Clap your hands. Unknowingly wet eyes. Even if there is no pride as an Indian, there is hidden pride. Playing cricket, this country has produced stars regularly. Otherwise, the huge crowd around this one game would not have been around for half a century. The empire that Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev conquered has been expanded by Sachin Tendulkar. With Virat Kohli in hand, this India has gone ahead to conquer the cricket world.

I write a lot throughout the year. As a journalist. Today, I am a fan without putting aside my profession, thoughts, and philosophy! I know this writing will not reach much. The best student of cricket will not even know that he has a fan following in some corner of Calcutta. His successes and failures touch even the devotees like Virat. There was no chance to see Sachin in prime time. But great? The press box, the practice session, the number of times I’ve stopped at the sight of a superstar walking by, not one iota. A closer look at the press conference. No, there is no picture with Virat. Although I wanted to lift, I had to be restrained. The journalist has to keep a distance from the player! Why so much fascination? In the story of stepping into this profession, Virat himself is involved!

The year 2011 The World Cup started. India’s first match is in Mirpur. No opportunity to see. There was no television in Mess Life. Listening to the commentary on the radio. Virender Sehwag on one side, Virat Kohli on the other. The pair are looting then. Then I got a phone call. Offer to work in a daily newspaper. Just in the sports department. Watching the game and writing about the game!

Many things change with time. If Virat performed well, he had to write. If you play badly, you have to criticize. Had to forget, Virat is also human like me. Failure may occur. Humiliation, suffering, sorrow, and joy also happen to him. In fact, if you can feel someone going through the alleys of emotions, and feelings, maybe he leaves a lot of impression on the mind. I did not understand when Virat made a place in my heart. His aggression, eye-to-eye fighting, and standing by his teammates were very exciting. The captain is like that!


The day before the India-Pakistan match at Eden. I am standing on the upper tier. Seeing Virat, Shahid Afridi, and Mohammad Amir came forward. Aamir was shadowing the bat from Virat’s hand. Virat gave it to Aamir. Bat gift from Virat! Aamir’s joy was palpable. Maybe that day I became a fan of a journalist!

India-England Test Series at Vizag. 167 in the first innings, and 81 in the second innings. I swallowed Virat in Gorgas. A day in February 2017 was similarly haunted. Bangladesh has come to India for the first time to play a Test. Match in Hyderabad. There is a balcony outside the press box at Uppal Stadium. The ambiance of the field could not be understood from inside the press box. I went to the balcony to see Virat’s bat. Double century in the first innings. An innings of 204 runs off only 246 balls in an ODI mood, not a Test. The match was played on the last day i.e. 13 February. Virat came to the press conference after the game. I wanted to say once, Virat, selfie, please!

Virat will play the 100th Test of his career in Mohali. I moved to Mohali as a journalist. Leaving aside the journalist, I wanted to heart, there will not be a century in the hundredth test! You will get great satisfaction. Me too! Virat returned to a seemingly innocuous delivery for 45 runs.

As the morning comes after night, success comes after failure. After three years of failure, Virat is in a dream rhythm in T20 World Cup. I knew he would not go away suddenly. Not supposed to go. Let the great World Cup be presented on the new stage of a comeback. What more do you want as a fan? Happy Birthday King Kohli.


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