Virat Kohli became the first cricketer to get 100 million followers on Instagram, ICC congratulated

New Delhi: The popularity of India’s captain Virat Kohli is playing its role in the world. He has created a lot of records on the cricket field, but now King Kohli is also being set record by record on social media. Virat Kohli has become the first cricketer in the world to get 100 million followers on Instagram.

Virat Kohli has also congratulated him on this achievement by the International Cricket Council (ICC). Please tell that Virat Kohli is constantly active on Instagram. Along with the videos of his gym, he keeps sharing many great videos and photos on Instagram.

The ICC has shared a picture from its Instagram account which has pictures of celebs who have 100 million followers besides Virat Kohli. Let us know that Virat Kohli is the first cricketer in the world to get 100 million followers on Instagram. Apart from Virat Kohli, there are only a few big superstars in this club.

Who but Kohli in 100 million clubs?
Apart from Virat Kohli, no cricketer is included in the 100 million club on Instagram. Apart from Virat, the club, known as The Rock, includes Dwayne Johnson, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and Lionel Messi in this club. Apart from this, Beyoncé and Ariana Grande in the celebs are included in this elite club.

Obviously, this achievement of Virat Kohli will be considered very big. Only 3 superstar footballers and Virat Kohli are part of the 100 million club among the international superstars. Cricket is played in very few countries in terms of football. In such a situation, the popularity of Virat is going on in the world, Instagram has also confirmed it.


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