Vineeth Srinivasan: When I Get Paid After Producing, I Don’t Feel Like I Get Paid After Working: Actor and director Vineeth Srinivasan says that film production is a difficult task and he does not pay much attention to that area.

Vineeth said that even when the film produced by him gets income, we can take it, otherwise, we don’t feel that it is our money. Vineet said that maybe it is only his problem. Vineeth was speaking in an interview given to Club FM. Vineeth is the producer of Anandam and Helen.

‘When I get a salary whether I have acted or I have directed, I get the feeling that it is a salary that I earn. When I produce and get income from it, I feel what I have done just for this. People have run for me. It was directed by someone else. Feels like a penny that just comes into my hand. And it is a very tough area. It is a tense area to lie down. It requires a different skill,’ said Vineeth Srinivasan.

In the interview, Vineeth also answered the question of why he didn’t do a Tamil film. One of the reasons for not working in Tamil is out of doubt that when we go to work in another industry, we will have a positive environment like the one we get in Malayalam.


There were feelings in our mind that we will have to do many things that we don’t like and that we will have to follow the actors’ insistence.

That’s why I pushed and pushed and went. And now Malayalam is the industry where the most creative people can work. Here we don’t have to convince anyone to do a subject. Any kind of movie can happen here if the movie is entertaining. There is also an audience.

But in Tamil, it will be a bit difficult to convince like that. We feel it when we watch the movies coming there. When it comes to the mainstream, there is a feeling of less freedom for the directors. Some producers and actors have approached me to do a film in Tamil,’ said Vineeth.

Vineeth also answered the question of why he is not acting in Tamil. ‘I am not interested in acting in Tamil. For no other reason. If we act, people will recognize us immediately. I live there. Therefore, we thought that our freedom should not be taken away,’ Vineet said.


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