Actress Rakhi Sawant is exiting Bigg Boss 14 and is engaged in her mother’s cancer treatment. During this, Rakhi is getting support from all four sides. Fans are standing with Rakhi, apart from this, many celebrities are also seen supporting them. In the past, Rakhi thanked Salman Khan for his help. After this, Kashmiri Shah and Sambhavna Seth also came to meet him. At the same time, well-known producer Vikas Gupta reached to see Rakhi Sawant’s mother. He has also shared pictures of this meeting on social media. Along with this, he has also told about the operation of Rakhi Sawant’s mother.

Vikas Gupta has shared beautiful pictures with Rakhi’s mother on her Instagram account. Vikas has also written a very emotional caption with these photos. Vikas Gupta wrote- ‘Mother is the protective shield that God gives to every child before coming to this earth. As long as we have it, we always feel strong. We have the power to overcome every obstacle, as if it is in us and we are in it. Sometimes we feel that our mother can go away from us, then we lose our life ‘.

He further wrote- ‘Rakhi Sawant I feel proud of you … You knew that your mother had a serious illness but you continued to entertain people. You worked hard so that Bigg Boss 14 could earn money and justify it. Which you can use in your mother’s treatment now ‘.

Vikas also talked about the operation of Rakhi’s mother. He wrote- ‘I will recite the mantra for the aunt and for her operation to be successful. I love meeting him and I think his new hairstyle is quite cool. Now after meeting me, they feel the same. I am with you and you know this’.


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