Vighnaharta Ganesh

Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with narharidas tells prabhu & mata that he wishes the person who loves devotion & want to attain knowledge of the identical so i sense you is probably having that man or woman as you nation & prabhu says there may be one boy about whom we are talking of. Rambola & muniya arrive of their hut even as the snake also hides in their timber inventory & rambola tells her he is listening to something from his heart for this reason she asks what & he says “ram” & she details him in what state of affairs & how his beginning has befell due to which he is taking call of “ram”. Prabhu & mata also info narharidas about rambola’s beginning area of expertise which came about taking name of “shri ram” along with 32 teeth whilst narharidas praises the kid’s beginning saying who’s already born devotional can have the capacity to end up a smart student. Narharidas tells both of them that he would love to make him his student if you send my message in your shape like mata paravati & prabhu mahadev hence they both bless him displaying their actual form & narharidas is delighted watching simply prabhu in the front of him & he couldn’t recognise but both of them vanish & he is familiar with that they have proven him the direction so straight away leaves to look rambola. Ganeshji says this way narharidas become signalled by way of mata paravati & prabhu mahadev to meet rambola but muniya’s time become nearing. Rambola is about to convey wooden for her mother muniya however she stops him saying let me get it & she is bitten with the aid of the snake loss of life right away while rambola maintains crying for help & humans collect however curse him the same manner as his mother had died after his birth. The girl lady who had given birth to him informs his father all approximately his state of contemporary situations even as his uncle tells him to send money for muniya’s funeral system relaxation can’t do anything further but his father is depressed approximately his circumstance.

Rambola performs final rites & taking walks towards his residence however sees friends ingesting fruits subsequently asks them if they can supply him one however they are saying their mom’s have advised them to stay far from him. Rambola continues crying for his mom muniya at the same time as mata paravati expresses her melancholy to prabhu mahadev about his state even as prabhu explains her this is his test of life now. Narharidas faces a hurricane in his way subsequently waits at the side of different people for storm to loosen up & right here rambola is likewise dealing with problem in his residence feeling bizarre goals getting scared whilst mata paravati says you won’t be alone. Pushpadant says when mata is with him then he received’t face any trouble even as ganeshji says when a person faces battle in his life then he becomes more potent to tackle his existence’s hurdles. Rambola is crying in pain for his mother while mata paravati arrives & he feels it’s his mom therefore runs to hug her however later he reveals seeing her face that it’s now not his mother for this reason backs off & says i idea it changed into my mom.

Prabhu mahadev says who’s world’s best mom is also your mother. Prabhu mahadev also arrives to employer mata paravati who had fallen in confusion for his mother’s plead & they both deal with his emotions. Rambola says i do now not have anything to provide you as an alternative water however mata says i’ll search if i locate something & she finds some grains & jaggery for this reason he turns into thrilled & she prepares food for all of them however rambola says mom had taught to preserve bhog in front of god then to devour & he maintains in the front of shri ram & then gives the identical to mata & prabhu. Jaya asks how prabhu & mata were given the bhog of shri ram & ganeshji says they each were there as a result they were given that opportunity to get that bhog. Rambola’s father is feeling uneasy for thirst of water & hunger behaving weirdly & finding all of the glasses & water jugs empty but his brother says that each one are complete of water then why you are feeling this way while he too wonders however realizes due to his mistake in the direction of his son rambola.

Precap: narharidas comes close to rambola at the same time as mata paravati says it appears guru is set to fulfill his pupil. Narharidas is ready to ask rambola but he lifts his wooden & leaves. The girl who gave beginning to rambola tells narharidas that he is a curse toddler because of his birth his mom died.


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