Vighnaharta Ganesh

Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts offevolved with the child was named rambola however his uncle indicates his father to take recommendation from astrologer by checking rambola’s start manual if he’s curse to their family. Rambola’s father visits astrologer alongside together with his brother however the astrologer tells him that your son has taken start on such an exquisite timing that he must be stored away from his dad and mom for eight years & his uncle asks if he stays with circle of relatives then & astrologer says it’ll be harmful for them resulting of their demise too & listening to this rambola’s father is shocked. Rambola’s mom is feeling stressed sharing her notion to her maid muniya that my son isn’t curse however he’s a blessed infant & his father hasn’t visible his face too. Rambola’s uncle tells his father that i had advised you his beginning is a curse to own family for this reason he need to be left alone somewhere else however his father says how can it’s feasible to hold him away from his mother at the same time as his mom is feeling extra uneasy & her maid comes jogging to his father informing about her fitness deteriorating therefore he leaves the astrologer’s region straight away to be besides her.

Rambola’s father is calming rambola’s mom saying to no longer to assume a lot & be calm however she is telling him to now not to suppose wrong about their son who’s very special & she rests whilst rambola’s father is likewise napping besides her. Ganeshji says the time had arrived for rambola’s mom to depart this world because he changed into approximately to leave his father’s area too. Mata paravati & prabhu mahadev arrive close to rambola to peer his face & bless him at the same time as his mother watches them & prays for blessing her son at the same time as both of them bless her too & go away from there. Rambola’s mom intimates muniya that once my demise you please contend with my son due to the fact he’s a blessed infant for whom mata paravati & prabhu mahadev had also visited to see him. Rambola’s mom dies whilst his father breaks into tears crying for her. Her funeral is taken place even as muniya is displaying rambola’s face to his father however he ignores telling her that take him away from right here for his upbringing to be accomplished by means of you along with some wealth & she sees rambola’s mom in fireplace lighted of her funeral intimating her approximately taking care of her infant as a result she leaves taking him. Pushpadant asks how muniya treated rambola & he tells him that his upbringing was executed with the aid of muniya but someday her time of demise turned into also written. Prabhu mahadev & mata paravati intimates rambola’s mom to not to take care due to the fact his delivery is unique for this world of which your obligation turned into to handiest provide him that beginning subsequently your lifestyles & loss of life might be blessed & prabhu takes her soul inside him making it everlasting. Mata paravati asks prabhu that how rambola’s life turns into solid & he explains her there might be a student of exceptional devotee ramanand of ayodhya named narharidas whom he’ll meet to obtain knowledge from him.

Rambola grows up as a younger baby & learns approximately mom’s love even as gambling together with his buddies consequently he runs to meet his mother & a snake became approximately to chunk her however she is saved because of rambola. Ganeshji says it was time of muniya to depart him now & fall alone in his lifestyles to struggle but a notable lecturer becomes his guru to train him know-how of devotion. Prabhu mahadev & mata paravati go to devotional lecturer narharidas who’s teaching a number of his students instructions of knowledge & later offering prasad & prabhu as properly mata each too come to take prasad from him however most effective one particle of kishmish was left so wonders what to do but he sees both of them smiling to each different for this reason he says if at all one particle is left it may be shared between each of you as it seems you each are husband & spouse so some thing husband gets it makes his spouse sense she too has got this hence they each percentage the prasad feeling inspired on him. Prabhu asks him to mention what he wishes of getting his prayers fulfilled & he says he wishes only the pupil who without a doubt desires to study knowledge from him & prabhu therefore intimates him approximately rambola.

Precap: snake bites muniya whilst she shouts & hearing this rambola runs to handle her but she dies. Ganeshji says now rambola became left on my own in his existence. Rambola is crying for help from her mom whilst he faces a typhoon whilst mata paravati looking this movements in the direction of him & rambola is looking her thinking who it’s far.


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