Vighnaharta Ganesh

Vighnaharta Ganesh 6 July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with karmabai weeping in feelings in the front of prabhu telling him that i recognize you are ingesting inspite now not so tasty but it’s my mistake because i can’t put together khichdi so pleasant then too to keep my emotions you’re doing all this at the same time as he explains her that most important is your love on this for which you take all the trials for me therefore how am i able to curse your guidance because i discover love on this. The temple’s bell rungs whilst subhadra tells balbhadra that i am tired looking ahead to brother kanha wondering where he should be & prabhu realizes he has to go away hence takes depart from karmabai telling her his brother & sister are awaiting him however she wonders why he left with out washing his fingers as a result she too follows him toward temple. All that is watched by means of madhav therefore he too follows to observe of outcome in the temple. Brahman informs maharaj’s guards who were trying to take mahabhog that also bhog isn’t tasted by using prabhu consequently to no longer to the touch for this reason maharaj comes inner gaining knowledge of this whilst prabhu additionally arrives in temple.

Subhadra notices khichdi caught on his mouth as a result asks him in which have been you at the same time as karmabai & madhav additionally arrive within the temple. Maharaj also noticing khichdi on prabhu’s mouth asks human beings within the temple who has accomplished this giving easy khichdi to prabhu while karmabai hides her hands but his shield notices & informs maharaj who asks her how you probably did this & she ultimately discloses the fact of prabhu travelling her hut day by day to consume this before mahabhog starts however these days it turned into little late to go back for prabhu & all are laughing on her talks however madhav proves her proper by way of explaining maharaj & all approximately her proper love which pulls prabhu extra than such bhog that’s displayed for him & maharaj realizes something madhav saying is real hence he praises prabhu jagannath & publicizes that until karmabai’s khichdi isn’t kept right here mahabhog gained’t take area for this reason karmabai puts her bhog by using which she gets appreciation of her devotion. Prabhu tells subhadra & balbhadra also to take flavor of khichdi now subsequently they understand this became his miracle. Madhav tells prabhu that you made your devotee famous by way of this as a result additionally take delivery of my invitation for correcting my mistake. Ganeshji says this way karmabai got benefits of appreciation of her devotion towards prabhu even as jaya tells him to relate the story of madhav how he were given benefits of property from prabhu.

Prabhu visits madhav’s hut even as he gives him poha & milk to eat at the same time as they both maintain chatting & prabhu telling him which you’ll also get a property for which the time is nearing & madhav says who’ll deliver me something bit i do no longer wish whatever however your devotion only & tells him to relate him his childhood mischief’s & prabhu sitting underneath the tree is talking to madhav telling him approximately his formative years mischief’s of stealing butter for this reason he indicators him about the end result on a tree & madhav asks him that do you wish i must scouse borrow the ones end result & prabhu shakes his head so he climbs the tree to pluck the end result but gets caught by way of a few guards of maharaj whilst he is attempting to persuade them of plucking for prabhu displaying them to prabhu but prabhu vanishes & he’s stunned. Jaya asks ganeshji why prabhu went away whilst he itself advised him to pluck end result at the same time as he tells her no one knows the miracle what prabhu will do subsequently he made his devotee get stuck.

One of the minister informs maharaj this person became caught pink surpassed plucking the fruits from garden however maharaj is bowled over to see madhavdas asking him how come he has executed this & he is explaining him what all befell with him which became only because of prabhu jagannath who advised him to try this mistake of stealing which became a mischief prabhu use to do in his early life too of stealing butter which all are aware of.

Maharaj realizes & orders his minister to make the garden on madhavdas’s call however madhav asks why & he says something is here on this global is of prabhu itself hence you his closing devotee will get this a part of garden land however he insists to make on prabhu jagannath’s call due to the fact he is the closing who has kept this for everybody & maharaj praises madhav. Prabhu jagannath ie. Shri krishna also praises madhav for turning into his final devotion which he has proved via this.

Precap: madhav comes running to satisfy his prabhu in temple at the same time as brahman is closing the door & madhav asks him why he’s closing the door & he tells him prabhu is feeling uneasy whilst madhav is shocked.


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