Vighnaharta Ganesh

Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The scene begins with the watchman educating Raja Vikramaditya regarding Meerabai being protected inspite drinking the harmful curd which shocks him while they hear Meerabai singing and moving in fervor for her Prabhu’s supernatural occurrence for saving her from poison she tipsy.

Raja watches Meerabai moving and singing making him incensed breaking the shade by his hands out of frustration while the sharp gems tumble down from that drapery spreading close to Meera where she is moving and is contacting her feet however she isn’t hurt by it and Udabai is attempting to alarm her with regards to it.

Raja figures saying this should be botch done by Raj Vaidya or it was outlandish Meerabai to be alive thus he calls him and Raj Vaidya shows him a similar toxin he had brought to give and assuming anyone drinks it some of it, that individual will pass on promptly however Raja wary to clarify him and gatekeeper says this hasn’t occurred so Raj Vaidya needs to demonstrate by drinking it all alone and he is stunned hearing this henceforth argues Raja to save him because of his family will not get by without him yet Raja likes watches exhort driving him to drink while Rani is attempting to stop him then too Raja is inflexible to compel him and he drinks coming about he kicks the bucket right away.

Raja watching this feels stunned saying how could this occur on the off chance that Raj Vaidya bites the dust, how Meerabai was saved and Udabai comes letting him know he has done again another mix-up first of Meerabai and presently this intersection cutoff points of Raj strategy and he says proudly whatever has happened can’t be changed now yet she says Meerabai can change.

Udabai is persuading disclosing Meerabai to get life Raj Vaidya to save his family just as their decision pride for this domain while she is stunned saying how might she bring anyone’s life who has passed on yet Raj Vaidya’s family is likewise arguing her to do this and she looks towards her Prabhu saying she can just do commitment while everything is in her Girdhar’s hands.

Meera sits before Raj Vaidya’s body singing petitions holding her instrument arguing her Prabhu to help in bringing his life who wasn’t in reality off-base in his deeds which is watched by everyone including Raja and Prabhu shows supernatural occurrence carrying his life to typical subsequently every one of them acclaim Meera while Raja feels stunned saying he was deceived by the two of them it appears.

Pushpadant asks Ganeshji for what good reason still Raja wasn’t becoming mindful of Meerabai’s reverential supernatural occurrence and he says because of his vain mentality.

Udabai educates Meera that from hereafter according to Raja’s orders no Brahman will be permitted to visit inside the sanctuary rather just to give them from outside and Meera ponders asking how she’ll serve to Brahman’s currently. Raja himself is giving to Brahman’s external the castle entryway while the house keeper illuminates Meera some Brahman’s shown up from

Tulsidas’ ashram and Meera acknowledges to ask the arrangement from Tulsidas consequently she sends note in Sanskrit to him and consequently he sends prudent note to her which she discloses to Udabai that assuming she can’t serve in royal residence towards her Prabhu, she needs to emerge from the royal residence so Udabai asks will she consider leaving Chittorgarh?

Precap: Meera says she’ll finish the Holi festivity appreciating with everyone and will leave this spot for search of her Prabhu. Meera is applying Holi tones to her Prabhu while he also applies on her and likewise she is partaking in a similar Holi tones with Udabai and everything except Raja Vikramaditya watching this becomes irate yelling her idiom how might she appreciate when her better half has passed on however she says she is spouse of her Prabhu who is alive for her.


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