Vighnaharta Ganesh

Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The scene begins with Meera feeling about her Girdhar in a difficult situation thus looks promptly behind yet discovers nothing while the watchman who picked the symbol abruptly disappears. Meera ponders something is off-base yet sees house cleaner clearing blossoms wreck starting from the earliest stage she advises her these have become grimy so can’t be presented to Prabhu and servant leaves yet discovers her Girdhar not in sanctuary thus freezes looking all over the place and asking house cleaners too Vikramaditya moreover. The watchman conceals the symbol in store room locking it while Raja discloses to her Meera he probably left her it appears however Meera says he can’t let her be and can not avoid her consequently continues to look once more. Raja tells his sister he has secured the icon store room and she will not discover him anyplace bringing about days and months will pass in this and this is watched by her Prabhu.

Meera in the wake of confronting torment in looking through her Girdhar gets once again to sanctuary and sits singing petitions for his return while Raja Vikramaditya alongside Udabai, her house cleaner and his better half come to see her condition yet his significant other reveals to him he hasn’t done address by separating Prabhu from her which is just wellspring of life for her in such discouraged state or may be she’ll lose herself and he guarantees him nothing out of sorts will occur rather she’ll weep for a couple of days and fail to remember everything and they leave from that point.

Meera is arguing her Prabhu sitting crying before his seat in sanctuary while Prabhu favors her streaming blossoms just as the icon on the seat and she out of nowhere becomes pleased watching her Prabhu’s marvel for her and starts yelling genuinely her Prabhu has come she knew on the grounds that he can’t remain without her and she can’t without him while hearing this Raja Vikramaditya alongside everyone come racing to see and discovers Prabhu’s deity on the seat subsequently considers why this has occurred and faults the gatekeeper about this. The watchman awakens from rest pondering where he is and runs outside.

Ganeshji says Prabhu was consistently behind Meera to take care of her however Vikramaditya consistently had a tormented outlook on Meera’s conduct because of which he likewise confronted restless evenings pondering marvels occurring.

Raja while dozing wakes in angry outburst dreaming about Meera’s commitment and her wonders because of which Brahman’s additionally were drawn in with her moving along.

Ganeshji says those Brahmans who heard petitions from Meerabi likewise beginning singing similar supplications spreading it across.

Brahman’s sing petitions gained from Meerabai in Saharanpur where Nawab watches them losing himself in their supplications words henceforth gets some information about them however Brahman’s disclose to him they have gained from extreme fan Meerabai who creates extraordinary phrasings for supplications thus Nawab chooses to arrived in mask hearing she is Raja Bhojraj’s widow.

Meera is inviting different Brahman’s while Nawab additionally comes in camouflage and sits while Meera starts singing petitions in which he loses himself yet Vikramaditya again gets messed with on her and dispenses his gathering to see yet discovers Nawab in mask sitting in Brahman’s henceforth chooses to assault him.

Nawab watches Meera’s supernatural occurrence taking care of her commitment while singing also ass offering blossoms close to Prabhu’s object of worship consequently likes her by giving gold adornments for her reverential supplications yet she doesn’t acknowledge then too he demands saying he realizes she is an aficionado without egotistical demeanor so to kindly take as enthusiast’s contribution and she acknowledges for her Prabhu keeping before icon and Nawab leaves.

Vikaramaditya discovers Nawab saying he can’t design anything abnormal in Chittorgarh yet he says he caught wind of Meerabai consequently he came to hear her petitions since he is likewise a craftsman in this field who likes such type in an individual which reflects in Meerabai and leaves from that point while Raja alongside Udabai wonder about his appreciation for Meerabai.

Precap: Vikramaditya’s watchman brings a toxic substance blended juice to offer her as Prasad Bhog advising him in the event that an individual beverages just two exits this, the person in question will quickly kick the bucket. Meera drinks the juice of Prabhu’s Bhog while Prabhu is watching her pondering yet her body transforms into dark.


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