Vighnaharta Ganesh

Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The scene begins with Tulsidas had his day by day schedule of pouring water each day beneath the foundation of a tree by which water use to get dried quickly on that spot pondering him how this occurs and one day Brahmarakshas arises close to that tree adulating him saying that this is a direct result of you I am getting water day by day now for drinking or, in all likelihood I was dried for quite a long time thus he asks him that as you have offered water to me then what you wish which I can aid you yet subsequent to deduction he says nothing I expect in my life which you can aid me then Brahmarakshas again demands him to ask while Tulsidas says on the off chance that you can help me meet Prabhu Shri Ram and he is sorry him saying this isn’t workable for me yet I realize who can help you and he asks who henceforth Bramarakshas reveals to him it’s as a matter of fact Anjani Putra Shri Hanuman and Tulsidas asks how might I meet him and he imply him that any place you have performed Shri Ram’s Paath he was consistently there in your group and he understands the individual whom he generally met eg. in sanctuary, in his group offering ideas to him consequently he leaves happily saying thanks to Brahmarakshas.

Tulsidas is prepared to perform Shri Ram’s Paath yet is watching if that individual is shown up and discovers him in his group consequently he asks his companion Shrikant when he came and he advises him before every one individuals show up and Tulsidas implores him continuing his Shri Ram’s Paath watching out for that individual who he feels ought not vanish. In the wake of completing the Paath Tulsidas alongside his companion are disseminating Prasad of the Paath however Tulsidas’ eye is on that individual while that individual takes Prasad from his companion and leaves rapidly unseen by Tulsidas and out of nowhere Tulsidas doesn’t discover him henceforth figures he mustn’t have gone excessively far and stops others advising them to laud Prabhu’s name again and all yell commending Prabhu’s name while Shri Hanuman in mask sitting under tree likewise adulates and Tulsidas hears his voice and rushes to stop him yet he doesn’t stop then he articulates name of Shri Ram to sit tight for the good of Prabhu and he stops. Tulsidas discloses to him he has acknowledged him yet to show him the correct way to meet Shri Ram and he discloses him to continue reciting Prabhu’s name moving towards Chitrakut and he’ll see him there where he needs to play out a custom close to the mountain there so he is dazzled to come for him.

Tulsidas takes favors from Shri Hanuman and leaves to Chitrakut subsequently in the wake of arriving at he additionally plays out the ceremonies close to the mountain yet later on he asks why Prabhu isn’t showing up yet while he sees a Rath from a long way off moving alongside Godly individual and continues to ponder who he may be?

Precap: Tulsidas is caught up with scratching Chandan while a youngster shows up and Shri Hanuman asks why Tulsidas is occupied when Prabhu himself has shown up and the kid applies Tilak on his temple who is as a matter of fact his Prabhu Shri Ram in mask while Tulsidas acknowledges and breaks into tears to see his Prabhu himself before him.


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