Vighnaharta Ganesh

Vighnaharta Ganesh 2 July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with madhavdas geared up with all arrangements for prabhu to reach for his meals invitation. He additionally uses the fabric thrown on him by means of urmila for making light in diya to mild near prabhu’s idol. Urmila maintains all her crammed pots of water because of rains internal her residence feeling glad & contended of water with a purpose to be enough for two to 3 days consequently thank you god but she at once wonders why she is praying god rather she herself has done efforts for this but thinks approximately madhav who had stated whatever efforts she does is the possibility given by using god itself or how will a person get the risk of doing efforts. Prabhu arrives whilst madhav arranges seat for him & additionally serves meals which prabhu appreciates very a good deal after ingesting it.

Urmila plans of preparing meals but once more she realizes that a few food is left over of afternoon which she’ll devour & she sees the pot of rice however finds became stale therefore feels that it might had being higher if she had donated to a greedy beggar however once more all at once realizes why she is questioning this manner when she doesn’t want to donate & thinks of madhav again who had told her if donated then achieves blessings from god. Pushpadant asks ganeshji that urmila became getting instinct of donation changed into it real & he tells him this is lesson of proper devotion each human gets at his certain point of his or her lifestyles. Prabhu praises madhav of his food coaching whilst madhav says that i simply forgot paan for you however next time will truly arrange or please come the following day earlier than maha-bhog in order that i’ll prepare precise food with all fifty six objects but prabhu tells him if in any respect i get only dal-kichdi it’s like i’ve were given all 56 objects but tomorrow i have given commitment to any person else consequently has to go away now & prabhu hugs him saying that to no longer to blow off the diya’s at the same time as he tells him that it’s fabricated from the material given to me through that female urmila who’s responsible of your advantages & prabhu leaves from there however madhav wonders wherein prabhu might be going rejecting my invitation.

Balbhadra asks subhadra this changed into brilliant by kanha but who has invited him tomorrow while subhadra does not realize approximately it. Urmila sees lot of diya’s in her residence lighted hence she is blowing off all the ones diya’s however certainly one of them stays in middle of her residence & she is about to blow that too however sees some guards guarding it therefore she asks them who you’re whilst they take hold of her soul because of which her frame falls but she pleads them to go away her however guards inform her your soul is clutched by means of us for this reason you need to come with us & they are taking her away & she is reminding all those matters which she had learnt from madhav that if not anything donated then one day human faces approximately leaving everything hence she realizes her mistake & falls down but she became dreaming & she wakes up with suitable mind to do in her life.

Madhav comes to market for buying substances for prabhu’s bhog whilst he again meets the fruit seller who asks him the female is there & i notion you gained’t come after getting insulted but he teaches him about proper devotion at the same time as urmila comes to each of them & gives dealer the money of culmination taken yesterday at the same time as donates grains to madhav which makes him sense satisfied about the alternate of behaviour in urmila. Balbhadra asks shri krishna how this miracle has took place however he’s quiet. Madhav comes in the temple informing prabhu that he has added so much of donation these days which he acquired however his prabhu leaves from his facet & he realizes wherein prabhu goes & he follows him whilst prabhu enters his girl devotee karmabai’s hut & madhav is watching. Karmabai is feeding dal-kichdi to prabhu who is eating fortunately feeling tasty while madhav realizes feeling emotional that he changed into incorrect of thinking about prabhu who loves natural devotion if at all it’s in a bad character’s vicinity instead of vibrant matters. Prabhu at the same time as leaving realizes madhav hiding as a result he calls him pronouncing prabhu is aware everything & madhav comes out.

Precap: madhav tells his prabhu that he has realized what proper devotion is like this girl even as prabhu tells him you could be of help for her. Madhav watches karmabai even as ganeshji says due to lady karmabai’s devotion a brand new lesson became about to be unfold within the global.


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