Vighnaharta Ganesh

Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts offevolved with as soon as the present field is opened two snakes come out of it & the maid right away runs behind feeling scared whilst snakes spread throughout meera’s frame & they all are scared looking this however meera watches her prabhu who converts the snakes into flower garland that’s round meera’s frame & all are bowled over to see this miracle.

Meera tells maid to tell raja vikramaditya she cherished his present as a result she too wishes to provide him gift in return that is he is feeling trouble due to her so she’ll depart this region now itself. Meera takes go away from absolutely everyone preserving her prabhu’s idol at the same time as her sister in law udabai arranges for her ship-off however raja looking this feels very furious about this. Ganeshji says meerabai left chittorgarh but then nawab conquered chittorgarh subsequently her own family left that vicinity for taking shelter to some other village whilst meera observed her real direction & pushpadant asks what sort of route it become?

Meera on her path took ruin for resting along with her maid & a few human beings accompanying her from chittorgarh. Meera sits singing prayers for her prabhu even as she gets instinct of her girdhar someplace round sitting keeping flute looking ahead to her for this reason she gets up all at once saying she has got the proper route it seems & her maid asks what course therefore she says she has to go to vrindavan where girdhar is looking forward to her in an ashram of renowned saint jeet goswami & says she’ll go all alone but they all insist her they’ll too come together with her to accompany to look after her due to the fact they too do now not desire to depart her now & she takes them at the side of her.

Meera together with everybody reach jeet goswami’s ashram however his students prevent her from entering consequently she requests them she wishes to satisfy him so tell him meerabai from chittorgarh has come however they say he doesn’t permit any girl to return here then too he’ll ask him as in step with her request but his student later asking him tells her he isn’t permitting her to satisfy him as additionally he’s in deep meditation & here best guys are allowed to come & now not ladies

pushpadant asks ganeshji says meerabai wa the sort of incredible devotee then how come such renowned saint jeet goswami could not allow her & also how come he by no means gave room for a woman to go to his ashram & ganeshji says he turned into very punctual approximately his ethics however meerabai in no way misplaced hopes on her due her prabhu’s religion. Meera says as according to her know-how there may be handiest one man on this vicinity who is none other than her girdhar & hearing this saint jeet goswami gets intuition of prabhu resulting he’s bowled over getting up from his meditation however meera is set to go away & he stops her coming close to her praying & pronouncing how can he now not allow one of these extremely good devotee to return interior & he welcomes her with satisfaction whilst all of them accompanying her are amazed & ashram’s college students wonder approximately goswami’s change in conduct. Meera continues watching prabhu’s idol in ashram so superbly placed even as goswami tells her to provide them opportunity for hearing her prayers that are spread across in this international & she sits alongside making a song excellent prayer with the aid of which all sense attracted becoming a member of her but one unknown man or woman also hears preventing & losing himself in her prayers.

Precap: meera while resting receives up expressing her feelings to her prabhu saying now she is loving vrindavan also then why is he taking so much time to take her away with him & gives ultimatum to him saying she gained’t examine his face henceforth unless he doesn’t take her away whilst prabhu falls below feelings listening to this.


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