Vighnaharta Ganesh

Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins offevolved with Prabhu Narayan rising in his shape to reveal evil Hiranyaksh who he’s however that evil nonetheless has ego pronouncing that is only a trick what he’s looking however he won’t prevent his assault in the direction of Bhudevi whilst Prabhu once more is available in shape of avatar Waraha & tells him he can’t be capable of assault her now however evil attempts therefore avatar Waraha assaults his Sudarshan chakra & the evil Hiranyaksh holds the chakra whilst they all are questioning how may want to he maintain Prabhu’s chakra & evil says this chakra he’ll use to assault Bhudevi however avatar Waraha assaults him piercing his teeth in his stomach & beheading him with the equal chakra ensuing in his death & Waraha takes his soul into him.

All of them reward avatar Waraha whilst he watches Bhudevi weeping therefore asks her why she is crying now while the evil is dead & she praises him for saving her together along with his powers lifting her on his teeth so places her want to marry her & they each get married & later giving start to a baby who became named Narkasoor through Waraha on request of Bhudevi however Waraha says he has to depart now due to the fact he has taken avatar therefore he won’t be capable of stay together along with her however Bhudevi asks him this call appears to be relatively bizarre which may convey evil conduct in him & Waraha says he has felt evil life in him however if she takes care nicely then he won’t turn out to be evil & takes go away from her.

Ganeshji asks Brahmadev if Narkasoor became born to Bhudevi & Waraha then how he have become evil & Brahmadev says it became in his destiny existence because of which he have become evil due to the fact whilst upbringing him through Bhudevi she wasn’t permitting him to exit of the Ashram because of evil surrounding in that region wherein they stayed.

Narkasoor grows up whilst Bhudevi looks after him lots however he asks her why she by no means allowed him to exit & she says right here most effective they each are like every different therefore no one is right here like them. Once she is going to convey a few substances from village however warns Narkasoor to now no longer to exit of Ashram whilst he tells her to convey candy end result for him so she tells him to do meditation until time she arrives. Narkasoor sits for meditation however hears a few voice speaking inside every different therefore he movements out to look however unearths a few boys stealing end result & they’re looking to run farfar from the proprietor of the farm who’s catching them. Narkasoor makes use of his trick to push stone together along with his leg through which the proprietor falls down & the ones boys are stored.

All the ones boys collect to distribute end result in themselves however one them asks who stored them & Narkasoor involves tells them he stored. They are introducing themselves whilst Narkasoor requests them to lead them to their pal however one them is son of an Asoor who tells him thy are Asoors so he has to show himself behaving like them & offers him risk to permit them to scouse borrow in his personal residence & he lets in them however takes promise from that boy he’ll make him additionally his pal with others & the boy hugs him & they all move on behaving evil troubling helpless human beings stealing & intentionally the usage of their powers on them.

Bhudevi wonders wondering wherein Narkaoor has long past however he returns retaining end result & she scolds him pronouncing she by no means concept he might scouse borrow in his personal residence however he says she had additionally lied him telling no one is like them right here however lot of boys he found & she says she taught him accurate due to the fact this complete region is blanketed with evil Asoor human beings & he says he has additionally turn out to be like them now which he needed existence like this however Bhudevi is attempting to provide an explanation for him whilst he’s adamant on his evil conduct stand.

Precap: Brahmadev says Narkasoor sat for deep meditation of Prabhu Narayan to obtain his intention achieving in the direction of Mata Kamakshya however Ganesh asks he sat for Prabhu Narayan’s meditation then how he were given boon from Mata Kamakshya?


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