Vighnaharta Ganesh

Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins offevolved with Mahaganadhipati blesses Shri Ganesh who prays him to expose him the route closer to marriage & he advises him this marriage has to show up that’s written in his destiny & Shri Ganesh consents with him accepting Mahaganadhipati’s blessings.

Mata Paravati in conjunction with they all in Kailash are arranging for Shri Ganesh’s turmeric birthday party at the same time as Shri Ganesh asks why this turmeric is used on this birthday party however Mushak says to Shri Ganesh now don’t ask whom he’s getting married & Mata Paravati laughs on Mushak announcing she might be first to use turmeric on Shri Ganesh & tells him he’s getting married to Vishwakarma’s daughters Ridhi & Sidhi.

Vishwakarma is volunteering all preparations teaching his people in his exhilaration reminding them to hurry up the paintings because of Shri Ganesh in conjunction with Prabhu Mahadev & Mata Paravati could be arriving to carry out this marriage of his daughters with their son Vignaharta Shri Ganesh.

Shri Ganesh in conjunction with whole Gods network are taking walks closer to Vishwakarma’s palace at the same time as Shri Ganesh feels instinct of a few devotee meditating for him as a result he stops they all announcing he has to head someplace however Nandi says this isn’t proper time because of his marriage time will byskip however Shri Ganesh says they may be connected to their responsibilities of this global as a result his responsibility is first to wait that devotee who’s calling him & Prabhu Mahadev additionally says Shri Ganesh is proper so permit him cross however Mata Paravati intimates him to return back quickly earlier than time & he assures her.

Shri Ganesh meets the devotee whom he tells he’s inspired via way of means of his meditation however to introduce himself & he says his call is Ahintasoor who’s born because of ego of Sun God.

Sun God asks request from Brahmadev who permits him however additionally indicators him & Sun God egoistically says no one is such effective than him on this whole God network who can break something together along with his warmth electricity & Brahmadev says he’s speakme in his ego however Sun God sneezes at the same time as talking & an Asoor takes beginning whose call is given via way of means of Brahmadev itself telling him that is took place because of his ego.

Shri Ganesh asks Ahintasoor to suppose what he desires & dreaming approximately sitting on seat of Devlok he desires to be an last effective individual in Trilok’s whom no God, human, animal or any type of stay specie must damage or kill him & Shri Ganesh boons him thus leaving from there.

Shri Ganesh’s marriage birthday party takes location with all rituals performed & Ridhi-Sidhi additionally arrive to carry out the rituals with Shri Ganesh. Mushak intimates Shri Ganesh of a few instinct he’s feeling & unexpectedly Ahintasoor emerges in the front of they all specially Shri Ganesh so Nandi asks who he’s & why he has come right here so he says he desires to take hold of they all however Nandi warns him to depart courteously or will face hassle however he alternatively says in his ego that not anything will show up to him which he has done from Shri Ganesh itself & Nandi in his anger shoots his weapon however doesn’t damage him & he laughs announcing he had advised him then Shri Ganesh asks him he has booned him then why he’s right here & he says he’s right here because of his boon itself to apply for clutching they all & all Gods are seeking to assault him then too he isn’t harmed then Shri Ganesh thinks he handiest has to do something & Shri Ganesh makes use of his electricity rising from dust turning into a massive shape & Mata Paravati praises the shape giving call as Dhumravan Ganesh & Ganesh makes use of his powers to assault him who bends down pleading Ganesh for forgiveness & Dhumravan Ganesh forgives him announcing now this want he must use handiest for top cause & returns into his unique shape again.

Shri Ganesh’s marriage takes location at the same time as Prabhu Mahadev blesses him in conjunction with Ridhi & Sidhi who could have the ones traits to guide Shri Ganesh & additionally brings sons Shub-Labh of Shri Ganesh because of whom Pooja overall performance will take location in future & additionally one daughter to be except Ridhi & Sidhi.


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