Vighnaharta Ganesh

Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins offevolved with Narkasoor jokingly asks Shri Krishna is that this a silly trick looking to use in the front of a awesome warrior like him however he tells him that is only a sign for him however he says first try and face his awesome senapati Mura who won’t preserve him alive in the front of him & orders Mura to assault.

Mura shouts to Shri Krishna pronouncing he won’t permit him to live alive in the front of him & alternatives massive stone throwing in the direction of Shri Krishna however Shri Krishna destroys together along with his arrow & Mura says he’ll face greater of this then Shri Krishna says to him as his spouse is his 1/2 of electricity subsequently she’ll assault him however he says while he can’t then is he taking guide of his spouse however Satyabhama shoots sword which cuts off his head then too his head returns once more to his body & Shri Ganesh looking this wonders what form of powers he should be having subsequently prays Brahmadev who informs him he has 5 head however can best be destroyed with 5 flower arrows blessed through Mata.

Mura is the use of his whole powers lifting massive stones to throw in the direction of Shri Krishna however Shri Ganesh feels he has to do something & brings the ones flower arrows in life attaching it to that massive stone which may be thrown through Mura & Shri Ganesh intimates Shri Krishna who’s approximately to shoot arrow however stops & Satyabhama asks him what happened & he tells her 5 flower arrows which could smash his 5 heads & the stone thrown through Mura is destroyed & the arrows attain to Shri Krishna. Narkasoor wonders what this weapon is whilst Shri Krishna shoots all the ones arrows & Mura’s all heads are reduce off killing him immediately however his daughter turns into wild from a den who is familiar with her father being killed.

All Gods & navy reward Shri Krishna whilst Shri Ganesh says nowadays might be additionally be called Krishna Murari’s day & all are praising taking call of Krishna Murari.

Narkasoor shouts pronouncing all and sundry to preserve their powers secure whilst Mura’s daughter emerges from the den retaining a massive stone shouting she won’t spare whoever has killed her father Mura & Narkasoor says she is Mura’s daughter whom no one can face. Satyabhama tells Shri Krishna she’ll manage her however he says her time hasn’t come yet & he receives down from the Rath to stand Mura’s daughter & she in her livid kingdom is ready to place her leg on Shri Krishna however Mata Kamyaksha emerges stopping & explaining her approximately evil deeds of her father & additionally she is proficient female because of equal God who she is ready to place leg on & Shri Krishna emerges in his Narayan shape through which she bends down on her knees pleading Prabhu Narayan. Narkasoor shouts her pronouncing she is a idiot who’s bending for such intricate Gods however she warns him he also can be killed if he doesn’t plead due to the fact because of him her father is killed & leaves from there.

Narkasoor shouts pronouncing if in any respect he’s on my own he’ll combat on his personal however won’t bend due to the fact he’s a awesome warrior & he shoots his guns however is not able to apply subsequently prays Mata Kamyaksha she can’t squeeze his powers which he accomplished with natural meditation however Mata tells him it wasn’t for evil the use of subsequently he’s powerless now & Shri Krishna additionally warns him to just accept his defeat & give up however he in his ego doesn’t bend whilst his mom Bhudevi prays Prabhu to launch him from this evil deeds. Narkasoor once more shouts & pulls his Rath pinnacle capturing it in the direction of Shri Krishna & Satyabhama & they each use their guns attacking in the direction of him ensuing he’s beheaded & his head falls in ft of his mom who cries for him however he says this changed into written in his future of demise through palms of his father.

All of them reward Shri Krishna & Devi Satybhama whilst he pronounces nowadays to be able to be called Narak chaturdashi to be able to bless humans who’ll carry out Abhyang tubtub earlier than sunrise & might be free of all evil deeds in their life. All the ones women’s plead Shri Krishna asking who’ll marry them now because of Narkasoor’s evil act with them & he assures them he’ll take them to Dwarka giving them popularity of his Rani & Satyabhama additionally consents with him.

Shri Krishna says now it’s time for Shri Gaensh’s marriage to take place & he says it appears he’s intuiting him a few greater hassle emerging & a devotee is meditating of his call sitting on a stone.

Precap: Shri Ganesh at the side of all Gods & Goddesses are taking walks in the direction of Kailash whilst a few instinct makes him go away from there. A devotee needs from Shri Ganesh his father ought to additionally be amongst Trilok’s & Shri Ganesh fulfils his wish. Mushak intimates Shri Ganesh he feels a few hassle arriving whilst that devotee emerges in his massive shape in the front of Shri Ganesh.


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