Vighnaharta Ganesh

Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins offevolved with evil Banasoor feels a few intricate weapon assaults are going on it appears toward every different which isn’t harming his enemy as a result shouts loudly to Prabhu Mahadev to assault the ones guns with a purpose to kill him even as Shri Ganesh feels if each of them use such guns then terror might be confronted through this whole global.

They are once more the usage of their different effective guns however saves every different from harming as a result Banasoor once more shouts Prabhu Mahadev loudly pronouncing he isn’t the usage of the weapon which harms Shri Krishna as a result he needs to name Pashu Pashastra weapon with a purpose to kill him instantly & Shri Ganesh listening to this says if Prabhu Mahadev makes use of it then Shri Krishna has most effective one choice final even as Shri Krishna says Brahmastra & Brahmadev smiles however Shri Ganesh thinks if this takes place then the whole global might be devastated which he won’t permit so he is going to inform Prabhu Mahadev he can’t use this weapon toward Shri Krishna & concurrently tells Shri Krishna too that he mustn’t use this weapon or the arena might be devastated & Prabhu Mahadev says he has no different choice however to paste to his boons appreciate which he can’t betray & lifts the weapon to shoot however once more Shri Ganesh plans a trick & is going to Prabhu Mahadev pronouncing if any of his devotee meditates for him asking a boon then might be capable of boon him & he says sure as a result is going to Shri Krishna for asking that if a devotee of Prabhu Mahadev asks a boon from him then it’s viable to prevent this utilization of guns so Shri Krishna is familiar with his trick & he prays Prabhu Mahadev.

Banasoor laughs pronouncing Shri Ganesh additionally can’t do some thing so now it’ll be fun to look at how each Gods will assault every different however Prabhu Mahadev stops placing down his weapon & asking Shri Krishna to invite any boon & Shri Krishna says he won’t use any of his weapon toward him however will most effective stand quietly looking some thing going on on this battlefield even as Banasoor looking this will become wild shouting that is wrong & Prabhu Mahadev tells Banasoor he can’t use his weapon toward any of his devotee & he is familiar with he too is a devotee so Prabhu Mahadev boons Shri Krishna his wish. Banasoor wildly jumps withinside the battlefield pronouncing if Prabhu Mahadev can’t use then he’ll use his powers which he won’t be capable of face & he brings calling his thousand fingers.

Shri Krishna watches & comes ahead displaying his Sudarshan Chakra however Banasoor remains showing his powers even as Shri Krishna shoots his Chakra through which all his fingers are reduce off & he’s left powerless so Shri Krishna once more makes use of his Chakra to reduce off each his fingers however Prabhu Mahadev advises Shri Krishna to offer Banasoor one danger because of his devotee to preserve him alive together along with his fingers & Shri Krishna stops the Chakra even as Narkasoor’s senapati leaves from there looking Banasoor being defeated. Banasoor runs to plead Prabhu Mahadev who forgiven him inspite he behaved evil with him & he says he performed because of his devotion toward him & Banasoor orders Anirudh’s launch additionally even as Shri Ganesh tells him now fulfil his promise given to Anirudh & he reminds approximately Usha’s marriage as a result he is of the same opinion pronouncing she is infact fortunate to come to be daughter in regulation of Gods & plays each in their marriage too.

Shri Krishna says now Narkasoor’s demise is remaining because of his evil deeds of clutching all the ones women’s who’re to be freed as a result has to transport toward him now however Banasoor says Narkasoor turned into instigated because of him so permit him additionally come along side them & additionally provide him one danger for development in order that he’ll provide an explanation for him & Shri Krishna is of the same opinion so they all leave.

Narkasoor’s senapati informs Narkasoor Banasoor’s fingers are reduce off through Shri Krishna as a result all of them are coming to assault him with a large navy however Narkasoor says he isn’t scared & may even broaden one of these large navy through which they won’t be capable of attain until him.

Banasoor asks permission from Shri Krishna to provide an explanation for Naraksoor to prevent all this & he lets in him. Banasoor meets Narkasoor explaining him approximately all what he confronted as a result he too have to prevent & plead for forgiveness however Narkasoor insults him pronouncing he isn’t coward like him who’s defeated however will face this with all his powers & orders his senapati to throw Banasoor farfar from him.

Banasoor returns even as Shri Krishna realizes Narkasoor hasn’t everyday so a quake is created which shakes Narkasoor & Shri Krishna warns him to simply accept his mistake that is his final danger or to stand his demise however he will become wild bringing large weapon in his hand even as his mom Bhudevi attempts to clam him reminding approximately Shri Krishna’s caution then too he’s adamant & leaves pushing her which shakes Satyabhama. Shri Krishna tells her that is because of a few mom being insulted.

Precap: Shri Krishna warns Narkasoor to reconsider approximately his selection of this strugglefare or he’ll face his demise however Narkasoor shouts pronouncing he isn’t a coward however a warrior who will defeat or get defeated & shoots his weapon even as Mata Kamyaksh is looking him.


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