Vidrohi 4th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Kalyani coming to Jagabandhu and announcing you notion I will overlook my sword exercise after marriage. Kalyani and Jagabandhu have a sword combat. He smiles seeing her skills. He corners her. She says it doesn’t remember who wins on this exercise, if Radha loses, then we each will lose, you ought to express regret to her, she felt bad, it changed into your choice to cover the truth. He says I changed into helpless. She says even I changed into helpless, we are able to combat all our lives, however Radha wishes you now, you aren’t wrong, I know, however she felt bad.

Jagabandhu is going to Radha. She says you needed to disguise the problem from me for a reason. He says I love you plenty, I broke down typically seeing you disappointed, don’t be disappointed with me, simply maintain my hand always, speak to me. She smiles and says you didn’t make me face any such issue before, so I felt hurt, I must attempt plenty and get disappointed. He says you appearance pretty, we could cease this annoyance here. He hugs her. Kalyani comes and appears on. Radha says its suhaagans puja, I need Kalyani to do the puja secretly for her husband. He agrees. She sees Kalyani and prevents her. She asks Kalyani to hold the quick and do the puja tomorrow. She says I can’t assist you, due to the fact all people could be with me, however Baxi will assist you. Kalyani says I won’t do that puja, one ought to do that from coronary heart, I haven’t any love for my husband, it is going to be a drama if I do that puja. Radha says I can apprehend what you’re going through, you aren’t together along with your husband, so that you don’t love him, love occurs slowly while you live collectively with him, each time we do that puja, a suhaagan’s coronary heart is going somewhere, she feels for her husband. He says she stated she doesn’t love her husband, I agree, she shouldn’t do the puja. Kalyani says thank you for know-how my feelings, this marriage is only a compromise for me, it has no cost in my coronary heart. He says yes.

She says however marriage is done, what’s the hassle to hold the quick. Kalyani says I don’t need love and appreciate from my husband, we are able to in no way have any relation, its sufficient if he fulfills the conditions. Jagabandhu says he’s going to hold the conditions, you already knew that there could be no love on this marriage. She says I haven’t any regret, I won’t hold the quick for him. Radha says you’re very indignant on him. Kalyani says no, I don’t need something from him. He says I don’t need to talk about more, we ought to appreciate her choice. Radha says fine, Kalyani can sense that she ought to do the puja. Kalyani says I promise, I won’t sense this, you sleep now. She hugs Radha. Radha says don’t do something towards your wish. Kalyani is going and thinks of Baxi’s words. She receives indignant. Its morning, Tilottama hugs Gadadhar and says I gets decked up today, I will pray and come up with a infant soon. Amba comes. She stares at Gadadhar. She says I were given this to your Shringhaar. She continues the flowers. Tilottama is going to get ready. Amba scoffs him. He says I simply love you. She says then do the puja with me today, you won’t go back for your room today. Kalyani says I could have culmination first, if a person loves their husband, then leaving the meals isn’t necessary. She cuts the culmination. She receives as much as get salt. The culmination fall down. She says I can’t devour this now. She is going out and sees Jagabandhu. Radha’s mum sees them. Kalyani says I m very hungry, I m going to have meals. Jagabandhu asks why are you telling me, cross and feature it. He is going. Radha’s mum receives indignant. She says Kalyani needs his attention, I can’t positioned Radha’s destiny in risk, I must discover a manner and make Kalyani out.

Radha says I desired Kalyani to do that puja. Kalyani says don’t worry, I determined to do that puja. Radha asks how did you convert your choice, do you furthermore mght love your husband. Kalyani seems at Jagabandhu.


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