Vidrohi 23th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Jagabandhu asking Radha to return back for the puja. He is going with Kalyani. She says I recommend the peace for Radha’s sake, I desired to forestall the strugglefare that might appear if the fact comes out, we should discover the offender, we shouldn’t harm Radha, what’s going to she undergo while she learns this. He says I don’t have any doubt in your intention, however don’t just like the ways. She says we’ve the identical intention to guard Radha, I will pick out a exclusive manner to do that, I assume you to recognize me. She is going. Radha meets her parents. Her dad says we were given this right information and got here to fulfill you. Her mum says that’s why, I went barefoot to thank Jagannath. She ties a Rakshasutra to Radha’s arm. Radha says I m satisfied you aren’t upset. Her dad says we didn’t damage our ties, it might be right in case you come domestic to spend time with us, however the whole thing has a time decided. They nod. Radha’s mum asks who’s she, I didn’t see her before. Maa says she is princess Kalyani, Maharaj is unwell, he has despatched her right here for safety for some days. Radha says Kalyani did my shringhaar today. Pandit asks simply the own circle of relatives participants to return back for rituals. Kalyani turns to head. Jagabandhu seems at her.

Radha smiles. Everyone does the rituals. Kalyani remembers her marriage. Gadadhar is going to her and asks are you taking into account locating the enemies. She says yes, it’ll be recognized a few day. He says yes, the offender may be close. She says yes, perhaps, I m pressured that perhaps he’s in the front of me and I don’t become aware of him, I doubt everybody, even you. She is going. He receives angry.

He thinks I desire to present her the poison. He is going to Amba. Amba says I should upload the poison. He says nobody will doubt you today, the sport will change. He is going. The pandit tells the rituals. Radha calls Kalyani for the ritual. Jagabandhu and Kalyani bless the baby. Pandit says its an excellent element to have a visitor in such an auspicious element. He asks Kalyani now no longer to get back. Radha’s dad blesses Jagabandhu and Radha to have a son. Jagabandhu says Maa and Radha are the 2 girls at the back of our success, a daughter can emerge as a warrior and additionally a Senapati.

Pandit asks Radha to have madhur amrit. Radha says I need Kalyani to feed it to me. Gagadhar says its a pleasing idea. Kalyani asks will you provide me this respect. Radha says we’re sisters. He asks Kalyani to head and get the amrit for Radha. Kalyani says sure. Amba rushes and provides some thing withinside the amrit. Kalyani seems on and shouts what are you including in it. Amba receives shocked. Kalyani scolds her.

Amba lies and says I didn’t upload anything, its for Radha, how will you doubt me. Kalyani asks why did you get scared seeing me. Amba says everybody believes me right here. Kalyani says include me, I will ask in the front of everybody. She drags Amba outside. She says not anything is nice right here, Amba changed into including some thing on this amrit.

Radha says you’ve got got excessive fever, include me. She looks after Kalyani and facilitates her recover. She sees Kalyani carrying the kamarbandh. She says married girls put on it.


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