Vidrohi 20th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Kalyani pronouncing that character will come if he’s a fool. She continues the door open and hides. Tilottama comes there. Jagabandhu involves Radha and asks her now no longer to worry. Radha hugs him. She says we misplaced hopes many times, however our perception is robust so we were given a brand new desire again, however I m worried. He says I assume Kalyani advised you something, she is new here, she doesn’t recognise approximately the relations. She says that’s why she will be able to see that which we can’t see. He says anybody desires proper for you in Rodang. Radha says I shouldn’t pay attention to anyone, you’re the only to defend me and feature faith, you outline consider for me. He says Maa goes to begin the rituals, I will simply come. Radha asks are you now no longer forgetting something. He kisses her and is going. She says I need to invite Kalyani. Kalyani thinks I will deliver a evidence to Jagabandhu today.

Tilottama thinks I will display the evidence to Gadadhar. Maa says those rituals need to be fulfilled with none hurdle, anybody are of their rooms, proper. Jagabandhu says yes, I advised anybody, they recognise that is imp for Radha. He is going. Maa sits praying. She lighting fixtures the diya. Tilottama sees Kalyani hiding. She throws matters and runs. Kalyani follows. Gadadhar says its proper you stopped Hari from ingesting that kada. Amba says yes, then Kalyani got here and scolded me. He says this toddler shouldn’t be born, else we are able to lose. Amba says we need to look forward to the proper time, Kalyani doubts me. He says she is different, and talks like that. Amba says no, she will be able to experience the intuition, I assume she can be able to secret agent on us, we need to be careful. Kalyani runs after Tilottama. Gadadhar says this toddler need to now no longer be born. Amba says I can do something for you. They hug. Tilottama hides. Kalyani seems for her. She hears Amba talking. She is going to see. The vase falls. Gadadhar hides and sees Kalyani there. He runs after there. Kalyani is going to check. She doesn’t see anyone. She leaves. She sees Gadadhar and runs after him. Maa finishes the puja.

Gadadhar sees Maa coming with the diya. He says its the proper chance, now I will display this princess. Kalyani enters and sees Maa with the diya. Maa receives greatly surprised and drops the diya. Maa shouts what did you do. Everyone comes and appears on. Maa scolds Kalyani.

Radha asks Maa to calm down. Maa asks why didn’t you obey the visitor rules, you may roam round anywhere, however I actually have advised the whole lot approximately this ritual and its rules, you already know what had passed off with Radha before, you ruined all of it through your carelessness. She cries. Jagabandhu asks what have been you doing here. Maa asks why did you return back from your room, I became looking to thrust back awful sight from Rodang. Kalyani says I became looking to do the same, its imp to discover the wrongdoer who’s casting awful sight, a person from Rodang.

Kalyani makes Radha ready. Jagabandhu ties Radha’s hair. Radha asks them to neglect about their fight, and patch up now.


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