Vidrohi 19th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Kalyani hiding the Kamarbandh and the wedding certificate. Amba sees Radha ingesting the kada. She remembers including the poison in it. Hari comes and says Radha maa. Radha drops the kada bowl. Amba holds the bowl. Amba scolds him. Radha asks her to calm down. Kalyani says I need to speak to you in private. Jagabandhu sends his guards. She says a person had checked my room, my matters have been messed up. He says this can’t happen. She says you suggest it befell on its own.

He says who can do that, this can’t happen. She says we ought to discover out, else that man or woman can understand our fact, this fact can pop out in a incorrect manner and it may harm Radha. He asks why didn’t you inform this to me before. She says due to the fact I needed to cover the suhaag symptoms and symptoms that time, you don’t accept as true with me. He says this can’t happen, its now no longer approximately accept as true with. She says its approximately accept as true with. He says nobody can do that in Rodang, its your want to decide, anyone respects visitors here. Amba says Hari is getting tons naughty always. Radha asks her why is she reacting like this. Hari says make every other kada, I will drink this. Amba says this isn’t for you. Radha says all and sundry can drink kada,

you’re making every other one. She offers the kada to Hari. Hari takes the bowl. Amba scolds Hari again. Kalyani comes and appears on. Amba says don’t smash him. Radha asks what are you saying, I by no means differentiated, you and Hari are part of the family, what befell today. Amba says I m his mum, I ought to remind him his reality. Radha asks did all and sundry let you know something, he can drink the kada. She asks Hari to drink it. Amba worries.

Amba throws the kada pot away. Radha asks what befell to you. Amba says forgive me, I understand you all love Hari a lot, however he must apprehend his limits. They see Kalyani coming. Kalyani scolds Amba. Amba is going. Hari is going after her. Radha says you must have now no longer talked to her in that manner. Kalyani says however she spoke badly. Radha says she is part of family, there might be a few reason, she respects me a lot, I became explaining her that her questioning is incorrect, all of us accept as true with every different here, we don’t query every different. She is going.

Maa suggests the dagger to Jagabandhu and tells approximately a second on the time of his birth. He says I will provide this in your son and claim him the following Baxi. He says toddler must be fine, it doesn’t count if its a boy or a girl. She says I m scared for Radha and you, don’t inform this to her. He says all of us are scared, don’t worry, I m with you. She says we ought to carry out a ritual to shop the baby, I couldn’t do that before, I need to do the rituals tonight. He says I will make the arrangements. Everyone does the puja. Radha apologizes to Kalyani. Kalyani says I didn’t sense terrible, you may display your rights, don’t sense terrible, I m additionally sorry. She offers the laddoo to Hari. Maa says we are able to be doing a ritual to push back terrible sight from Radha’s baby, anyone will live of their rooms at night time, I will take the diya out, nobody can see it, if this rituals doesn’t complete, then it won’t be good.

Kalyani asks what’s this ritual. Amba says anyone has to obey the elders here. Kalyani thinks perhaps the offender might come to my room and discover my fact, I will seize him and display the fact to Baxi. She asks Hari a riddle. Radha says I understand this one. Hari says inform in my ears. Kalyani says you’ll get a unique present in case you answer, I even have stored the treasured present in my room. He asks really. She says yes. Tilottama hears her. Kalyani says I even have stored it withinside the chest. Tilottama thinks to move at night time and check.

Maa does the rituals. Radha hugs Jagabandhu. She says we were given every other hazard today. He desires Maa’s puja succeeds. Kalyani is available in the front of Maa. The diya falls. Maa shouts on her. Everyone comes.


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