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The Episode begins offevolved with Fletcher asking Maharaj why did Jagabandhu come to fulfill him. Maharaj says nothing, he didn’t say whatever. Fletcher says he could have requested you approximately the papers, its higher in case you don’t move towards us, then we will assume accurate for you. He threatens Maharaj and leaves. Charan receives a message for Fletcher. He says my secret agent has were given this message, Jagabandhu goes to Badamba. The youngsters play withinside the village. They see the britishers. The girls come to take Kalyani’s assist. Kalyani asks them now no longer to fear, the infantrymen will locate the youngsters. The guy says infantrymen couldn’t locate them. The girls beg Kalyani. Kalyani says its my duty to get the youngsters back, we won’t relaxation till we get the youngsters back. Fletcher comes there and says don’t fear, the youngsters are nonetheless alive, they may be my guests, Kalyani can store all of them.

He says the entirety is going on due to you, you made a decision to head towards us, I even have come to speak to Kalyani in private. The ministers and guards get the swords. Kalyani asks the minister to go away and permit her communicate to him alone. The human beings leave. Fletcher threatens Kalyani. He says I were given to recognize which you are locating assist from different states. She says we aren’t locating any assist. He asks why is Baxi Jagabandhu coming here. She asks who.

Radha does Jagabandhu’s aarti. He leaves for Badamba. Fletcher says Jagabandhu couldn’t store his Maharaj and Rajya, he’s a Senapati of Puri. She asks did he use the youngsters in worry of Jagabandhu. He says worry can do whatever. He scares her. He says you suspect well, I need to preserve Badamba and also you secure, I will come later, in case you need to peer the youngsters alive, then don’t collaborate with Jagabandhu, you make a decision a way to prevent it. He threatens her approximately Mohan and leaves.

Radha runs after the boy and asks him to have food. Gagadhar and Tulakma appears on. She asks why does she deal with maid’s son so much. Gagadhar says she by no means appeared Amba a maid, he’s a touch boy, Radha is so happy, how can you suspect so approximately a kid. Radha receives dizzy. Maa comes and asks Amba to get water. She asks Radha to have water. Maa asks what happened. Radha says I even have stored a Nirjal speedy to make Badamba ride successful. Gagadhar asks Tulakma to analyze some thing from Radha, she need to preserve a quick to make him get his rights. Maa asks him is it essential to constantly get bitter. He says fact constantly appears bitter. Kalyani is going to the country locality. Jagabandhu comes there. A guy asks him to reveal his identification. Jagabandhu covers his face. He enters the country of Badamba.

Kalyani stops Jagabandhu and asks who’re you, inform me your name, the motive of coming here. He says I heard lots approximately Badamba, I didn’t recognize girls are handled similarly here, I m glad. He doesn’t solution his identification. He says if a strugglefare is fought to guard someone, then its now no longer wrong. She says guns don’t recognize the motive for its utilization and simply work. He says Badamba is a secure Rajya, its difficult for them to recognize the insecurity, move and inform that britishers are around. She says we don’t want anyone’s assist, we’ve got guns to combat them. He says you could have it, however now no longer like mine. She says I don’t recognize the distinction among perception and pride. He indicates the guns. She asks what’s unique on this. He asks her to allow him for a combat. She asks him to apply the guns and display her. They get right into a swordfight.

She questions his identification again. He defeats her and receives his sword. He throws away his sword. The guys become aware of him as Baxi Jagabandhu, senapati of Maharaj Jagapati. Kalyani appears on. Maa is going and scolds Gagadhar. She asks how did you get towards the family. He asks her to overcome him. He cries and says I m now no longer handled similarly on this house, you don’t love your very own son, you simply love Jagabandhu, what’s my area on this house, nothing, no person asks my opinion approximately the massive choices taken, I don’t need to speak approximately others, did you question me approximately my opinion. She cries. He says you’ve got got given appreciate to Jagabandhu, now no longer me, human beings could have reputable me today, however every person thinks I m vain due to me, I didn’t fail as a son, you failed as a mum. He argues and is going.

Kalyani says we don’t need to collaborate with you. Jagabandhu says I need to pay attention this from Maharaj. He asks don’t you accept as true with a woman’s decision, I m Maharaj’s daughter Kalyani, you aren’t welcome here. He says I can see worry to your eyes. She says person who come for taking assist are afraid, we don’t need to collaborate with you, britishers took over the temple and stored Maharaj captive, what may want to you do for him, Rajguru turned into killed through the britishers, how are we able to accept as true with you if you have misplaced yourself. He asks don’t you fear that the britishers can do the equal with you. She says Badamba may be an unbiased Rajya, I don’t need to pay attention to whatever else, why do you need to growth our problems. She asks him to now no longer input Badamba. She is going.

Fletcher says I will take Kalyani with me in the front of you all. Jagabandhu punches him. He says we must collaborate, its essential. Kalyani talks to a few youngsters approximately Jagabandhu..


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