Vidrohi 15th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Kalyani pronouncing we are able to have a struggle. Fletcher says I like your selection and your knife, you received’t just like the dire consequences. He leaves. Maa and Radha assist Jagabandhu and hold all of the assets. Gagadhar comes and asks shall I see my rights going this manner, don’t grab my manner to talk, do anything, combat anyone, deliver me my share. Maa says we need to combat the britishers, else we are able to lose. Gagadhar says I need a non violent life, in case you say, then Tulakma and I will depart proper away. Radha’s mother and father come and hug her. Fletcher sees the knife and remembers Kalyani. He says splendor need to be received over, now no longer destroyed, Badamba is a stunning state, it received’t be a laugh to break it at once. He smiles.

Jagabandhu talks to Radha’s dad. He asks for advantages. Radha’s dad says we are able to constantly bless you, however the advantages can’t assist you, I m pleased with your bravery, whoever has joined the britishers, their positions and standing were given saved, its important to now no longer struggle, you’re hiving away the entirety for a dream so as to by no means get fulfilled. Radha says you’re proper, perhaps we lose the entirety, however none can grab his bravery, humans’s faith, their hopes, please depart your disbelief out of doors this residence earlier than entering. Her dad says yes, we are able to now no longer query, you don’t assume us to assist you. Radha’s mother and father depart.

The ministers query Kalyani on her selection. She says it become now no longer my bravery, however worry, I don’t need my dad to bend down in the front of anyone, we are able to’t give up with out fighting, our humans trusts us. The guy says Maharaj didn’t need a war, it’s going to damage the humans. She says I even have heard my heart, no person has a proper to scare us, some thing I did isn’t wrong. The guy says we are able to ship an apology to them and phone off the war. She says no, we received’t apologize. Baahu receives the message for Jagabandhu. He reads Fletcher’s message and is shocked. He says its Fletcher’s command, Maharaj can’t get his army, we are able to not serve him, its a massive insult.

Kalyani sees Mohan tensed. She laughs and says we aren’t terrified of the britishers. She cheers him up. Baahu says its an assault on our appreciate in the event that they separate us from Maharaj. Maa says they need to harm us. Jagabandhu says we’ve got to inform them who we are, what’s our relation with Maharaj Mukund, our relation is of generations. Maa says struggle isn’t simply fought with weapons, move for it. Radha offers the sword to Jagabandhu. He leaves. Maa says the struggle is set to happen, we ought to be ready, Radha. Kalyani offers a phrase to Mohan. She teaches him and encourages. Tulakma says earlier than they break the entirety, you get the land share. Gagadhar asks how shall I get the papers, Maa has it with her. She says absolutely each person is busy, its proper time to get the papers. He scolds her. He drinks. Fletcher fights a few guys withinside the wrestling ground. He thinks I hate Indians. He says Indians have vulnerable bones. Jagabandhu and his infantrymen come there. He says its your misunderstanding, person who cheats our land has vulnerable bones. They argue. Jagabandhu says our relation with Maharaj received’t cease on anyone’s command, we are able to serve Maharaj. Fletcher asks are you scaring me. Jagabandhu says I didn’t begin yet, you understand what’s worry once I begin scaring you. Fletcher laughs. He says we were given your temple, and saved your king captive, you couldn’t do anything, you watched we are able to be terrified of you, we gave many bungalows, I can hold your infantrymen as guards there. Jagabandhu receives angry.

Maa says ask assist from different Rajya. Maharah says who will it be, who fights the britishers through assisting us. Jagabandhu defeats Fletcher in wrestling. Maa and Jagabandhu determine approximately Badamba. He reaches Badamba and meets Kalyani..


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