Vidrohi 13th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Jagabandhu asking Kalyani to watch for him. He says if we pass like this, then they’ll think… I need to inform the whole thing to Radha. She says its your proper to inform her, however what is going to you inform. He says the reality. He enters the house. Radha comes walking and hugs her. She asks him now no longer to depart her once more and pass. She asks are you fine, in which had been you until now. He says I needed to take a few massive decisions, I need to inform some thing. She says I need to inform you first, Jagannath blessed us once more, you will come to be a dad. He cries luckily and hugs her. She says you can’t consider it, proper, its a miracle, we had misplaced all hopes, we were given a brand new desire now. They hug. He thinks what is going to I inform Radha, she is so happy, how shall I inform her that I married Kalyani, I by no means concealed something from her, how shall I inform her a massive reality. Kalyani is waiting.

Jagabandhu says I need to inform you some thing. Maa comes and sees him. She calls everyone. She says you made us wait a lot, you didn’t recognize your welcome will take place with this exact news. Gadadhar says we were given a brand new desire, congrats. He hugs Jagabandhu. He says I desired a person to name me Kaka, this want might be fulfilled soon. Tulokma says we will celebrate. Maa asks Jagabandhu to take ancestors’ benefits first. Tulokma says this happiness might had been with us. Jagabandhu guarantees to attend to Radha. He thinks I don’t recognize that is the proper direction, I actually have to inform the reality to Radha. Radha asks is the whole thing fine. He recollects his marriage with Kalyani. She asks him to mention. Maa asks Amba to get kada for Radha. She says Jagabandhu, include me, I forgot to inform you some thing imp, Vaid stated we ought to hold Radha farfar from anxiety and horrific news, this time, we might also additionally lose Radha additionally with the baby. He concerns seeing Radha.

She asks him to attend to her. He is going to Kalyani. She asks what did Radha say, I need to recognize. He says I couldn’t inform Radha or Maa. Kalyani asks why, didn’t you’ve got got braveness to inform Radha. He says proper, I couldn’t get braveness, I changed into going to inform Radha, she advised me some thing that I couldn’t say something. She asks what may be greater imp than this, that we married for a collaboration, I needed to depart my freedom and stroll in this undesirable path, I will inform her in case you can’t say. He says no, we ought to conceal this reality, its now no longer the proper time. She asks why, inform me. He says due to the fact Radha is pregnant, she has misplaced infants and additionally the 0.33 born baby, she were given weakened, Vaid ji stated that if she receives a shock, then she can be able to additionally die together with the baby, I request you, not anything have to take place to Radha, else I can’t live.

She asks what do you need from me. He says time, its difficult however…. She says enough, what approximately me, in which will I pass, with the aid of using what proper shall I live here, we were given married however I ought to conceal this reality, its a collaboration, we are able to don’t have anything among us, I did this marriage towards my will, now no longer to get my identification snatched, you don’t recognize what I m going through. He says I can understand, I remorse to mention this, however we ought to conceal this reality for a few time. She asks what is going to you inform approximately me, with the aid of using what proper will I live here, how lengthy can we conceal this, if reality comes out, then won’t it’s risky for Radha. He says I m prepared for that, however I can’t positioned her in risk intentionally, I request you, assist me. She says its a tie up among Badamba and Rodang, however I actually have married you, I m your wife, its my responsibility to assist you, if we ought to conceal this marriage, then you need to cast off those marriage symbols, only a husband has the proper to cast off it. He seems at her.

Maa says I will ask Kalyani to live in visitor house, she is unmarried, she can’t live here. She is going to Kalyani. Radha says I recognize you’re considering Kalyani. Jagabandhu seems at her.


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