Vidrohi 12th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with pandit announcing Kalyani is now Jagabandhu’s wife, marriage is completed. Maharaj smiles. Maa says employer has taken over Badamba, nobody is aware of approximately Kalyani, Maharaj and Mohan, now no longer even Jagabandhu. Tulakma says however he went with Kalyani. Maa says yes. Kalindi comes and greets Maharaj. He says Mohan is secure, we heard that Fletcher is hurt, however hazard remains there, we ought to shift Maharaj to a secure place. Kalyani says no, I could be with dad. Jagabandhu says I accept as true with Kalindi, Maharaj desires his remedy and rest, you and Maharaj shouldn’t live together.

Maharaj says Baxi is the pinnacle of Rodang and Badamba navy now, we ought to receive his plans. Pandit says bidaai’s mahurat has started. Maharaj says a father and a daughter’s bond may be very strong, no distance can damage it. He hugs Kalyani. He asks her to now no longer hesitate to take Jagabandhu’s help. Her bidaai happens. She hugs Maharaj and cries. Jagabandhu guarantees that he won’t allow something show up to her dad. He takes Kalyai with him.

Vaid tells Maa that Radha is pregnant. Maa asks what, is that this true, however you stated that Radha can in no way conceive. He asks what’s my understanding in the front of Jagannath’s wish. She says its an amazing information. He says yes, however she has complications, she is in intellectual stress, there’s tons hazard for her and baby. He is going. Radha wakes up. Maa says the whole lot is fine, Vaid stated you’re pregnant. Radha smiles and thank you Lord. She says I need to present this information to Jagabandhu. Maa says the whole lot could be fine, live happy. She hugs Radha.

Kalyani wishes water. Jagabandhu takes the pot to refill. She stops him and is going to the well. She reveals the rope stuck. He symptoms and symptoms he’s going to pull the bucket. He fixes the rope and receives the water for her. He refills her water bottle. She liquids it. They leave. Maa says Jagabandhu is fine. Radha says its the nice time for him to come. Maa calls everyone. She says enhance the whole Rodang, Jagabandhu is coming back, a brand new member will come home, Radha is pregnant. Everyone receives happy. They congratulate Radha. Maa says I will welcome him and provide him this exact information. Radha asks can I welcome him, I need to present this exact information to him.

Maa nods. Kalyani recollects Radha. She thinks I didn’t suppose I gets married in that house. She asks what is going to you inform Radha, it won’t be clean to inform her, I know, wherein scenario you made a decision to try this marriage, I will speak to her. He stops her. Tulakma says Radha is pregnant again, there could be celebrations. Gagadhar receives angry. She asks him to head and enhance whole Rodang. He is going to Amba and catches her neck. He says you instructed me that Radha can in no way end up a mum, our plans will fail due to me, you failed on your plan. He asks her to discover how she failed. Jagabandhu says I will speak to Radha, no want to testify, its our non-public matter. They attain Rodang.

Jagabandhu comes home. Radha runs to him and hugs. She says you will end up a father. Kalyani asks what did you inform Radha. He says sorry, we ought to cover this truth. Kalyani asks what approximately me, in which will I go.


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