Video: Why did Yuvraj Singh say about wife and mother - well on one side and ate on the other side

Yuvraj Singh is not interested in any identity in the world of cricket. As many of the bowlers who got rid of sixes as they are on the field, they remain outside the field in the mood for fun. A recent video of Yuvraj Singh has been in a lot of discussion in which he is saying that he was with both wife and mother in the house during the lockdown and he felt that there was a ditch on one side and a well on the other side.

Actually during the lockdown, Yuvraj Singh gave an interview in which he spoke openly on many issues.

During the interview, Yuvraj asked what you do throughout the day during lockdown. While answering this question, Yuvraj said, “I have a gym in my house, so I wake up in the morning and do gyming.” Bibi is also at home and mother is also at home, so there is a well and a moat on one side.

After this he was asked that after playing the match for so many years, now you are a match referee at home, how does it feel?

In response to this, Yuvraj says that it feels good. But the bouncer that falls here has no answer. I come to the position to hit the bridge but the ball comes out first. I try to manage the case from both sides. From here I take a single and go to the second drop.


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