Krishna Abhishek has shared a video of Aarti and her new vehicle on her Instagram account. One brother’s happiness is clearly visible in his eyes while sharing the video. At the same time, Aarti also looked very happy in this video. This video of both is also becoming very viral. Fans are also offering a lot of congratulations to Aarti for the new car.

Krishna shared video of Aarti’s new car

Please tell that while sharing this video Krishna said that, Aarti has bought her new car today. This is his new Thar. That too with his own money, for this, Aarti did not take even a single penny from me, and I am very happy and proud to see this.

Aarti praised her brother

At the same time, Krishna also asks Aarti in the video, how he is feeling with the new car. Aarti says that, I am very happy and I feel very good. I am very lucky that my brother supported me so much and always pampered me. After this, while enjoying Krishna Aarti, he says that what is the matter, but now I will take this car only, and you now have to drive the Swift.


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