King Charles Carry His Toilet Seat When He Travels These Are His Quirks

Video: Egg-Throwing Protest At King Charles And His Wife: The Youth Was Arrested: Eggs were thrown at King Charles and his wife and Queen Consort Camille in Britain. The two were pelted with eggs as a sign of protest during a public event in northern England.

The video footage of this is now widely circulated on social media. A young man has been arrested by British police in the incident that took place on Wednesday.

In the video, someone from the crowd throws an egg at Charles and his wife Camilla while they are talking to people gathered on the side of the road. But this is not taken in their body.

The police reached the spot immediately and arrested the person who threw the egg.

Charles and Camilla were at Micklegate Bar, a historic spot in the city of York in northeast England.

As a relatively unpopular member of the royal family, Charles’ accession to the throne was met with criticism from various quarters.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth last September 8, Charles, who was the eldest son and crown prince, succeeded.

On September 11, 73-year-old Charles became the new king.

But during the coronation ceremony of Charles, there was also a big protest.

Edinburgh residents responded with loud cheers to the coronation of Charles as King on September 11 in Edinburgh, Scotland. The video footage was also circulated on social media.

Loud boos and jeers erupted from the crowd as Britain’s national anthem was played.

Anti-monarchist democrats protested Charles’s accession and wore anti-monarchist symbols.

The protesters held up placards reading ‘F** Imperialism, Abolish the monarchy.

Protesters also raised slogans like ‘Republic Now’ and ‘Our Republic for a Democratic Future’, demanding full independence for Scotland from Britain.

Evidence of Charles’ attempts to interfere in government affairs during Elizabeth’s reign was also widely debated.


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