Hindi cinema veteran AR Rahman has now become a musician as well as a director. And he has also written the story of the film ’99 Songs’ in collaboration with well-known director Visvesh Krishnamurthy. The Tamil launch of this film was held in Chennai yesterday. In which many stars participated in Tamil cinema. At the same time, AR Rahman was seen leaving the stage after an anchor spoke Hindi, a video of which is going viral very fast on social media.

AR Rahman left the stage after the anchor spoke Hindi

Actually in this event AR Rahman was introducing the press and media to ‘Ahan Bhat’ hero of ’99 Songs’. Then the anchor of the event present there welcomed Ehan Bhatt in Hindi. AR Rahman interrupts the anchor and says, Hindi? Saying this, they come down from the stage and sit on their seats. But before leaving the stage, AR Rahman makes it clear that it was just a joke. At the same time, the anchor gave clarification on this matter and said that, she was only making a feel-good feeling by giving a welcome message in Hindi to Aahan.

The film ’99 Songs’ is a musical story

Let me tell you that the film ’99 Songs’ has been directed by Vishvesh Krishnamurthy. In which Ehan Bhatt will be seen in the lead role. At the same time, AR Rahman has not been a producer in this film, but he has also worked as a screenplay writer in it. This film is a musical story. Which is to be released on 16 April.


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