Venus Transit 2022: Sagittarius Is In Dire Straits When Venus Transits! This 4 Rasi Will Also Suffer From Financial Difficulties: Shukra Gochar In Sagittarius: At this time Venus and Mercury will join together to form auspicious Yoga. But Venus being in Sagittarius is going to have an adverse effect on 4 other signs.

From Monday, December 5, Sagittarius faces extreme turmoil and suffering. This is because Venus is going to enter Sagittarius this week. According to astrology, Sagittarius will be in contact with Venus till December 29. But during this period Venus and Mercury will join together to form auspicious Yoga. But Venus being in Sagittarius is going to have an adverse effect on 4 other signs. Venus is considered the planet associated with physical happiness, love, and relationships. In such a situation, the transit of Venus in Sagittarius may have adverse effects on finances, career, and in many cases the natives of the 4 signs including Taurus, due to which the natives of these signs may face problems at various times during the month of December. Check out which zodiac signs will be adversely affected by the transit of Venus in Sagittarius…


In the month of December this year, Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is going to enter Sagittarius on December 5. In Sagittarius, the ruler of the zodiac Venus will be in the eighth house and will be in contact with this sign. In such a situation this transit of Venus can be unfavorable for you. People may face confusion and problems in various areas of life. After December 5, the native will be more aware and careful about his health. Any type of carelessness regarding health will not be tolerated. Avoid eating and drinking outside, stomach-related problems may occur. People with gastric or indigestion problems should be more moderate. Do not take any financial risk as there is a possibility of loss. Soft-hot conditions will persist in business. Avoid associating with the wrong people, and also control bad habits, otherwise, you may get into trouble. Any journey may face trouble, so it is necessary to be careful.


Venus is going to transit the sixth house from Cancer in December. In such a situation, the health of Cancer natives will not go well due to the adverse effects of Venus. There may be problems related to phlegm and cold. Mental problems will also accompany you. Adversaries and secret enemies can trouble you. So be aware and careful of them. Avoid conspirators at work. There may be a lack of harmony between father and son in the family. If a job is stuck in the government sector, it will be difficult for you to complete your work. So work harder. There will be financial pressure. Expenditure on non-essential sectors may overrun the fixed budget. Health-related expenses will also increase. The health of the spouse should be taken care of.


Venus in Sagittarius will contact Libra in the third house. This transit of Venus will involve Libra natives in various areas of life. Libra natives should avoid taking financial risks. Should be spent very thoughtfully. A lot of time will be wasted on unnecessary work. Less profit compared to hard work can be one of the reasons for depression. Don’t trust your friends blindly. To get success in any work you have to work harder. You can reap the benefits of hard work done in the past. The good news in all of this is that younger siblings can stress you out, and avoid too much contact with them.


For Capricorn, the transit of Venus in Sagittarius will be in the 12th house of the zodiac. Due to this transit of Venus, the expenses of Capricorn natives will increase. A desire to increase the level of comfort and happy living can leave pockets empty. Vehicles and transportation can be costly. Health will be slightly better. For those with knee or bone problems, the problem may increase. You may suffer from eye pain and various eye problems. You will get pain if you keep your eyes on your TV, mobile, and laptop. Be careful about the opponent. You may also have to travel against your will. Emotional tension over something can remain for no reason. There will be a lack of happiness and cooperation from the spouse. Sleep will be less due to work pressure. There is also a risk of fatigue. Be careful while traveling. Drive carefully. There is a possibility of a leg injury.


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