Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry has condemned the US airstrikes in eastern Syria and termed it a return to a fierce war. The Ministry tweeted late on Friday, stating, “Venezuela is strongly condemning the US military offensive in the Syrian territory and expressing firm solidarity with the people of the allied nation and the government there. It is sad that America is returning to a fierce war and abandoning diplomacy and international law. ‘

The US bombed pro-Iran militia targets near the Iraqi-Syrian border late Thursday. Syria and Russia have also condemned the US air strike.

The US military has carried out attacks on armed groups backed by Iran in eastern Syria. The US has taken this action in response to rocket attacks on its troops’ bases in Iraq. US Defense Ministry spokesman John Kirby said, “On the instructions of President Joe Biden, the US Military Forces has attacked the infrastructure of Iranian armed groups in eastern Syria on Thursday.” It is said that about 17 fighters of armed groups have been killed in this action. The US spokesman clearly stated that this action was taken in response to the rocket attacks on US military bases in Iraq.


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