Vatem Chayem For Him And I Have Some Work Left Now, Manchester Coach Lashed Out At Ronaldo: Vadim chayem for him and I have some work left now; Manchester coach lashed out at Ronaldo

Coach Erik ten Haag attacked Manchester star, Cristiano Ronaldo. Erik ten Haag came out against Ronaldo after he behaved in a completely unprofessional manner during the match with Tottenham Hotspur.

The player misbehaved during the match at Manchester’s home ground, Old Trafford. The player was leaving the ground before the final whistle of the match.

The player left the ground in the 90th minute of the match. The referee gave four minutes of added time for the match. But Ronaldo left the tunnel without waiting for the final whistle.

The actor’s action has angered all the fans. But coach Erik ten Haag is warning that Ronaldo’s actions will face strict action.


Coach Ten Haag expressed his displeasure with Ronaldo’s actions while meeting the media after the match.

‘Not today, I’ll check what’s needed and deal with it tomorrow. We are now celebrating the victory,’ was the coach’s reply.

Cristiano Ronaldo went down the tunnel at Old Trafford before the final whistle. #MUFC

Ronaldo’s work is being discussed throughout the football world. There are comments that this is Ronaldo’s arrogance that he is bigger than the club and that the player’s work is completely unprofessional.

Meanwhile, Ten Hague’s Red Devils defeated Lille Whites by two goals to none in their last match. Manchester tried hard to score in the first half, but Hotspur’s goalkeeper was unable to overcome Hugo Lloris.

The player showed excellent performance throughout the match. Of Manchester’s 10 shots on goal, only two of them went past Lloris and both came when Manchester took advantage of Tottenham’s defensive lapses.


Manchester finds the first goal of the match in the 47th minute of the match. United player Fred’s shot deflected off the Tottenham player’s leg and became a goal. Bruno Fernandes also scored for United in the 69th minute.

Tottenham tried hard to fight back but could not find the goal. Manchester outplayed their opponents in 90 minutes and 4 minutes of added time. In the meantime, Ronaldo left the ground after being stoned in victory.

This is not the first time that Ronaldo has left the ground before the final whistle. Earlier, the player had left the field during the pre-season matches and before the end of the game. The player left the field during the match against Real Vallecano.

There is a huge protest on social media against ‘Ronaldo, who does not respect his opponents, teammates, or football’.


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