The energy of any place can be increased and decreased. According to Vastu, a direction has been set for everything kept in the house. If these rules are not followed then instability can be felt in the energy of that place which has a direct effect on your family life, financial condition and other things. We are talking today about how to increase the energy of any household …

  • The main gate of the house is the entry point for the flow of energy. The gate that opens towards the outside of the house pushes energy away from the house. So the main should be such that it opens in a clockwise (the way the clock rotates). 
  • If the door is not fully opened, then opportunities will be limited. Keep in mind that there should be no darkness in the lobby near the main gate. Having good light keeps the flow of energy and enhances balance and peace in the campus.
  • Never keep broken or chopped things in the house. Keeping such items at home increases discord in the relationship, causing stress without reason.
  • Clean such things from cupboards and drawers, which are not needed. Clean the house thoroughly and make sure there are no spider webs.
  • To remove the negative energy of the house, sprinkle salt water in the house.
  • There is a deep connection between the energy of the house and the health of the people living in it. If the bathroom is on the other side of the kitchen, then its effect will be seen on health. In such a situation, keep the door closed and divide them on the door frame with Vastu energy so that the negative energy stops there.
  • There should be a basil plant in the house. This dissipates negative energy.
  • Aquariums are like running water and it is auspicious when placed in the northeast direction.
  • Do not keep medicines in the kitchen.
  • Avoid pictures showing war, loneliness and poverty at home. Put pictures related to nature to bring positive energy.


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