Vastu Shastra: Focus on these things in buying a house

Home is a home of dreams. People do innumerable efforts to achieve this boundary of happiness, peace and prosperity. Find the right place Adopts Vastu rules. First of all, see if the land is not very water-drinking or stony at all. There is instability and uncertainty in the people living in such a house built on this land.
South Mukhi Mangal and Venus thrive only. In such houses having a plot, business premises become more effective. People living here rely more on intellectual power than intellectual abilities. Such people are courageous. But there is a lack of vigilance.
Before constructing a house on the sloping plot towards the south-west, start the construction work only by doing a water level. Vastu dosha comes due to the area of ​​north and east direction rising from the west and south. Due to this, the home owner can get caught in various disputes.
Better to build a house than to build a house to live on the side of the main road. Only farm houses and huge buildings can be built on a road with a lot of traffic. If there is a comparatively very narrow plot between two big houses, then avoid taking it. If construction is necessary, then build the houses to a higher height than the houses on the side. Do not choose a lion-sized plot for the house. Such areas are more auspicious for commercial activities and buying and selling.


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