Varun Dhawan had hand mehndi on his hand, written with V and N

Film actor Varun Dhawan has recently married Natasha Dalal. Many pictures of their wedding went viral on the internet. Now Mehndi artist Veena Nagda has shared a new picture on her Instagram. This picture is being told about the Mehndi function of Varun and Natasha. In this picture, Varun’s special love for Natasha Natasha is seen.

In this picture it can be seen that Veena Nagda is sitting with Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal. Varun Dhawan has made Mehndi of V, Dil and N, along with he had kept 6 in hand.

Varun Dhawan has recently been tied up in marriage with his childhood love, Natasha Dalal in Alibaug. If married, Varun and Natasha’s honeymoon are also being discussed. Some reports were saying that the newly wed couple are going to Turkey for their honeymoon. But this is not happening now, in fact, Varun has postponed his honeymoon and there are reports that he is about to start shooting for his upcoming film Bhadiya.

Varun has returned to work after marriage

A source close to the film has informed, “The crew may start shooting for the first phase of the film Bhadiya in Arunachal Pradesh from the first week of February. The team has been busy coming on the floor for the past few weeks. At the same time, the interesting thing is that, Varun, who was seen circling the office of Maddock Films even after the date of his wedding is near, has already returned to work.

Varun will be seen in a different avatar in ‘Sheep’, in fact, Varun is very excited about ‘Sheep’. This is his second outing with Maddock Films, after Badlapur’s success once again his fans will get a chance to see him in a very different film and avatar. According to sources, ‘Bhadiya’ is a horror-comedy produced by Maddock Films and will be directed by Amar Kaushik.
After marriage, thank the fans for posting on social media

Meanwhile, Varun Dhawan thanked the fans on social media on Wednesday. He wrote, “For the past few days, me and Natasha have received a lot of love and positivity from everyone, so I wanted to thank everyone wholeheartedly.”

Please tell that Varun and Natasha Dalal have married in Alibag. Only very close people were invited to this famous star wedding. At the moment, wedding photos of Varun Dhawan and Natash Dalal are becoming very viral on Twitter. Varun Dhawan said in an interview with Kareena Kapoor that he first fell in love with Natasha Dalal in 6th class. After this, the two remained friends of each other and wearing them yes, Natasha has said no three times. However, he did not stop loving Natasha.


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