In astrology, Mercury planet is considered to give auspicious results. Mercury planet is considered as a factor of intelligence, communication, speech, education and nature etc. Mercury is the lord of Gemini and Virgo.

On Wednesday, February 4, 2021, it will be retrograde at 10 o’clock at 46 minutes. Explain that the movement of planets in the opposite direction is called Vakri. According to astrology, the changing movement of planets has a profound effect on our lives. Mercury will also have an impact on zodiac signs.

Let us know what effect Mercury’s retrograde will have on the zodiac signs: –

will get mixed results. Take care of parents’ health. Stay away from disputes.

will get good results. Many bad things can happen. Do not disturb relations with high officials.

can be ups and downs in Gemini work area. Honor and social prestige will also increase.

Cancer: There can
be hurdles in marriage and marriage talks .. Keep control on expenses and avoid financial constraints.

health will be affected. There may be damage to reputation. Many problems will have to be faced.

will have to face many troubles. Concern related to children will also bother. Students preparing for competitive exams should work harder.

will not be much trouble. Matters related to real estate can be settled.

may differ from older and younger siblings. Interest in religion and spirituality will increase. Social rank will increase prestige.

Sagittarius can
face difficulties in married life. Hope to get back the money given to someone. Keep control over speech

will get mixed results. Work can become bad. Students work hard.

may face financial constraints. Stay away from controversy.

There may be some decrease in the means of Pisces income. You will get relief from child related concerns.


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