V.K.  Sanoj: Some Officers Who Are Criminally Insane Do Not Understand The Police Policy Of The Left: A lot of criticism is being raised against the Kerala Police, including the incident in which a soldier and his brother were brutally beaten up at Kilikollur police station. DYFI, a left-wing youth organization, wants strong action to be taken against the accused policemen in the Kilikollur police brutality case. asking for

DYFI State Secretary V.K. Sanoj also visited on Saturday. Regarding the subject, V.K. Sanoj talks to Dool News.


How do you see the criticism leveled against the police, including the Kilikollur incident?

Our society is evolving a lot. Unlike other states of the country, Kerala is much ahead in this regard. So there are a lot of things going on in any environment that should not happen as part of the police system.

Strong criminal action needs to be taken on behalf of the policemen in the wake of the brutal beating at Kilikollur police station. It was learned that the action has started.


DYFI had already intervened in the matter. Action was requested in connection with the Chief Minister’s office. The district secretary of DYFI intervened in the case from the beginning on behalf of the relatives of the victims.

How did the police have the courage to intervene so brutally in the Kilikollur incident?

The police managed to deceive the people of that country. A lot of cases are being caught in rural areas in the wake of the state government’s intervention against the drug mafia.

Unexpected people are caught in such cases. Therefore, the police could easily make the soldier and his brother believe that they were MDM carriers. The police made it big news by giving their names to the media. It was the criminal intelligence of the police.

The locals were not able to investigate the matter further. Later, after remand, the incident comes out after court proceedings. That’s why this issue came out so late.


In Kothamangalam, a student was assaulted by the police after he claimed to be an SFI worker. Vignesh of Kollam is also a DYFI worker. Does the police interfere with politics?

What is SFI and what is DYFI for criminal policemen? They have no idea about the values ​​of leftist politics. There are people in the army who have no idea about anything going on in the country. Action should be taken against them.

Everyone who goes to the police station wants justice. DYFI’s position is that there should be no political difference in it.

There is criticism that the action against policemen is limited to transfer. Police officers often do not face the same criminal procedures as ordinary citizens. How do you see this?

DYFI will be there to enforce maximum punishment in Kilikollur’s case. We cannot say based on past events. DYFI will intervene in the matter that comes before the organization.

False cases taken in the name of brothers should be withdrawn and necessary treatment should be ensured. Such uniformed goons of the force who are working against the police policy of the state government should be identified and exemplary action should be taken.

A response to the common criticism leveled at the Home Department in Kerala?

It is not correct to say that the police force of Kerala is all bad by pointing out some incidents. The police of the state government is the best force. The country itself has made many proud achievements.


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