Uttarakhand tragedy: Rescuers have not reached people trapped in tunnel, Jio surgical scanning is being done

Dehradun: After the horrific disaster in Tapovan, the route to reach about 30 to 35 people trapped in the tunnel is still blocked. All agencies are trying to reach the laborers by clearing the way. In this situation, every effort is being made to clear the tunnel as soon as possible. For this, geo-surgical scanning of block tunnel is also being done by drone and helicopter by SDRF.

The SDRF will get information
through remote sensing, geographical mapping of the tunnel will also be done, which will make the information of debris inside the tunnel apart from many other types of information. Apart from this, SDRF will also be able to get some information about the employees trapped inside the block tunnel in Tapovan either through thermal scanning or laser scanning, in which several techniques are being used to reach inside the block tunnel in Chamoli Tapovan.

Before making the tunnel, these works are to be
told that, whenever a tunnel is made at some place, similar surveys are done to understand the geographical structure of that land even before that. Whenever a tunnel is made at some place, geographic mapping is done there through remote sensing, which provides data related to the geographical structure inside the ground. Also, in order to understand the actual situation inside the ground more accurately, the drone provides more information through geo mapping. Apart from this, thermal scanning is done for the information of a living being inside the ground. However, the scope of thermal scanning is very less, for this, scanning is done through laser, which also gives the thermal image under the ground.

Thoughts are being done on drilling
, DGP Ashok Kumar says about the rescue, that only debris was coming in the tunnel before, now boulders have also started coming. In such a situation, the expectation of opening of the tunnel becomes more. Along with this, there is also a thought to drill and look at the situation inside the tunnel.


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