The House of Representatives, the lower house of parliament in the US, on Saturday approved a bill for the $ 1900 billion corona virus relief package. Through this package by President Joe Biden, financial assistance will be provided to the people, businessmen, states and cities facing the crisis due to the Kovid-19 epidemic. The bill was passed by 219 votes against 212 in the House of Representatives.

The bill will now be sent for Senate approval, where Democrats may relent on the issue of raising the minimum wage and there may be a dispute over government aid and other issues. Kevill McCarthy, leader of the minority in the House, said, “My colleagues are calling this bill a bold step, but it is just a show.” There is no proper allocation of the amount in it. Those who are saying that they are popular, I would say that it is completely divided.

Jared Goerld, a moderate Democratic and Maine member, and Kurt Schader from Oregon were the only two members who voted separately from the party’s stand. The fight is also becoming Biden’s test of solidarity among its members as the Democratic Party has a lead of just 10 seats in the House of Representatives, while Republicans and Democrats have 50-50 members in the Senate. Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said that the minimum wage will also increase after the legislation is enacted.


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